Planning Another Year

School-PlanningIt’s that time again. The year is ending in just a few short weeks, and another is quickly coming round the bend. Before the days get away from me, I need to start planning another homeschool year!

While we don’t have to be on the curb at the crack of dawn or make sure our children have their lunch money, we do need to plan out our year of homeschooling.

Just where do we start? When do we start?! How many school days am I required to complete? Should I stick to a routine or plan out a detailed schedule? All these questions and more fill the mind when planning out our homeschooling year.

Enjoy this fun series designed to help take the stress out of homeschooling planning! Let’s get moving!

Planning Your Year
Planning Your Day
Building a Family Plan
What Do I Need?
Counting the Cost
Field Trip Fun, Part I
Field Trip Fun, Part II
Finding Friends
Finding Sanity

📢 Chime In!: When do you plan the upcoming school year?

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10 thoughts on “Planning Another Year

  1. Starting to plan now for the next school year is not a bad idea. Actually, it’s the best time to buy curriculum since they often go on sale at the end of the school year. I should really start the planning process. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. By the end of my daughter’s 8th grade year, I had a basic plan for her entire high school years. I chose core subjects, and she helped me fill in the extracurriculars according to her interests. This allowed me to hit the used book sales in the summer with goals in mind. I was able to purchase all the math books she would use over the next four years for about $20, rather than a couple hundred! The homeschool plan changes each year as she grows and priorities change, but it really helped to plan ahead of time so that we could space out the more difficult core subjects in a way that would keep her course load from being overwhelming.

    Yeah, I’m an over-planner in many of the things I do. Planning is good, but you just have to remember not to set your heart so much into the plans that you refuse to be flexible. Life changes on a dime, and so must the best-laid plans at times.

    One thing I love about planning the next year is scheduling awesome field trips to correspond with topics she is studying that particular week. You can get better deals on tickets and hotels if you plan ahead, and you can find special events going on at different times of the year.

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  3. I already have all of our curriculum purchased for next year, and I’ve also already written out a year’s worth of unit study activities. As for language arts and math, we just play it by ear. As for my high schoolers, I just plan things a week at a time with them because I never know what’s going to come up that will take them away from their work.

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