Kiddle: A Visual Search Engine for Kids!

KiddlePerhaps, like us, your children are constantly researching one thing or another. If we aren’t learning a new recipe, we’re discovering fresh ways to make play dough, or exploring crafting techniques. At times we sift through books. However, by far, the easiest way to look into new ideas is online.

For years, searching online was not an option for our children. If they needed anything, we parents did the looking. Once the site was deemed safe, our children were allowed to read. Even then, we were careful to sit close by; always on the lookout for inappropriate material.

With Google’s recent release of Kiddle, online research has become a possibility. Where previous search engines restricted all websites not previously approved by parents – with the possibility of further restriction of popup adds – Kiddle does the background work for us; assuring all sites, images, and videos shown are kid friendly.

We let the kids know we were running a test of the new search engine and let them do the legwork. (Keeping myself within lunge distance, just to be safe.) This is what we’ve found thus far: Kiddle is fun!

Kiddle helps you to search kid-friendly topics with ease. Once your query has been entered, Kiddle allows you to search via web, images, videos, and news to fully explore your subject. We even did a quick buzz test for words of questionable nature. Kiddle was more than up to the task!


We ought to point out that Kiddle does not remove links found on listed websites. Thus, if you’re concerned about ads, you might consider changing your web browser to one which allows you to block these annoyances; such as Firefox.  And, while we appreciate Kiddle restricting questionable searches, some of the topics forbidden were an annoyance. Why can’t we look at guns?

No search engine is perfect, and each family ought to determine for themselves the limit of their children’s viewing abilities. However, Kiddle does do an incredible job of removing a large portion of the junk currently displayed over the internet.

For now, we’ll continue testing Kiddle, and using it for online research. We’re excited to have this additional resource available for our homeschooling and personal use. With the added safety blocks found on Firefox, we believe Kiddle will be a fun addition to our homeschool routine.

“The eye is the light of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. . . .”
Matthew 6:22-23

📢 Chime In!: Have you tried Kiddle? Share with us your thoughts and experience!

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26 thoughts on “Kiddle: A Visual Search Engine for Kids!

  1. Thanks for this! I was unaware of this search engine and I’ll be checking it out soon. As my children get older there is much more research involved in their everyday lessons so this will be good to check out. I’ve also tried K-9 before as well and it did protect but also was quite strict and almost an annoyance in some of the things it blocked. I’ll be trying this one! Thanks!

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      • I actually had some time yesterday to dabble with the KIDDLE search engine and I absolutely loved it! When I “kiddled” the things my kids are learning about, it brought up the sites we would normally use anyway, without all the mumbo jumbo. I’m sure it has some cons, as you said, with blocking things that I may not be as concerned about as another parent would be, but overall I found it very helpful and easy to use. I’ll be using this now, at least for my younger 2 children. Thank you for the info!

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  2. I love this! I’m often searching for links to recommend to my homeschool math tutorial. This search engine will narrow down my search to only appropriate ones. It will save me a lot of time. Thanks!

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  3. I had not heard of kiddle before. Thank you! I just kiddled the Cold War as we are covering this now in history, and I was pleasantly surprised to find quality articles and videos we could use. I was worried when you mentioned they might over sensor. My middle schoolers are going to be creating collages and timelines of this era and kiddle will be a fun way for them to do this I think. Thanks for the recommendation.

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