Hands-On Fun for Our Morning Basket

Skill_SticksI try to keep Morning Basket fresh. While we might be continuing a read over the course of several weeks, I make an attempt to alternate the hands-on activities which accompany our readings. Some days might be copy work of a quote from our read, including an illustration from the story. Other days nature studies or art are involved. The newest addition to the rotation is the inclusion of Forster Skill Sticks!

If you haven’t heard of skill sticks, you aren’t alone. Until this past month I had never heard of them myself! As an Easter gift, my mother blessed our children with a decent sized set and we’re so glad she did.

What are skill sticks? Take your average popsicle stick; cut some grooves into the each length of the stick; add perforations in the wood – to include the added option of breaking the stick into smaller portions – and there you go!

How do you use skill sticks? Break, build, and repeat! Use the various sized sections of skill sticks to build whatever your heart desires! We’ve built a cabin, a wagon, an airplane, a tank engine, a snowflake, and more! Whatever you can imagine, you can create. Skills sticks are extremely easy to use.

If you’re like me, and concerned about all included sticks being broken into tiny bits – leaving nothing left for larger projects – consider buying several sets, allowing for plenty of each length of wood.

Please note, Forster is not the only brand available when it comes to skill sticks. (This just happens to be the brand we were blessed with.) You can find skill sticks at your local crafting store, both in natural wood and colored. They are very well priced. Also, because the skill sticks are able to be broken down – creating smaller components – expect to find little bits of wood surrounding your work station if cleanup is not taken seriously. The littler pieces can get everywhere.

If you’re looking for a fun, hands-on activity to promote creativity in your learning day, skill sticks might be just what you need. They are now a regular part of our Morning Basket and a highlight in our homeschooling adventure.

📢 Chime In!: Do you own skill sticks? We’d love to see pictures of your fun projects and creative endeavors!

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