Cooking With The Kids – An Easier Way to Decorate a Cookie

Easier_WayI’ve long admired the fancy cookies seen in shop windows and sprinkled all over the internet. They’re almost too pretty to eat. I imagined it would take a great deal of time, talent, and effort to create such wonderful masterpieces. And often it does. However, one incredible lady took the time to show me and my girls that learning such a talent is well within our reach and much easier than expected.

At a recent event, a cookie decorating booth was on display. We seemed the only people interested in learning what the woman had to teach. Thus, we received a thorough demonstration on the art of cookie decorating, and were allowed to test our skills. We were sold!

The secret to easier cookie decorating? Bottles! Instead of using pastry bags to decorate our cookies, we needed to be using frosting bottles. Frosting Bottles

Bottles create less mess, are easier to work with for children, and dry out slower than frosting in bags. The trick is to keep your bottle tips constantly moist by pointing them tip down, in a fluted container, into a damp cotton ball or napkin. We were also advised to always give a quick squeeze of our bottle onto a rag before resuming decorating, if switching between colors or after taking a long break. This prevents our colors running and gives better frosting flow.

I was pleasantly surprised to find these bottle may be obtained for a nominal fee at our local crafting store. For just a small investment we were able to purchase several bottles to start our new learning adventure. Combined with the multitude of frosting tips we already own, this should prove to be a fun experiment.

We don’t plan to abandon cake making altogether; Mom still loves eating chocolate cake. But, this does allow us to venture into new territory and explore a fun new kitchen tool. This should prove to be delicious!

“O taste and see that the LORD is good…”
~ Psalm 34:8

📢 Chime In!: What tricks, and tips, have you learned in baking or decorating which has made life easier? We’d love to learn something new!

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