Letters of Love

Letters_of_LoveAs I ready my children for school, I stand at my kitchen counter packing wholesome lunches all set to be tucked away into their boxes and carted off to school. Along with their balanced meal, I lovingly slip in a note of love which promises of homemade cookies and cold milk upon their return.

WAIT!… Scratch that… How could I forget? I don’t send my kids off to school. I don’t pack them lunches in cute little boxes. I don’t give them milk and cookies when they come back because they never leave. I don’t send them little love notes in their lunch pails; there are no lunch pails.

When shopping for back-to-school supplies, I happened upon a set of adorable lunch note cards for parents. What a cute idea, I thought! In reality, I have no use for them. We homeschool, so I don’t pack meals for our kids. I don’t box a lunch for my guy; he works at home. I make our lunch at the stove and then we sit down to eat as a family.

The idea behind the love notes was touching; surely there must be a way for me to use them. Then an idea struck me! Part of dating someone is writing love letters, right? So if I was “dating my children“, surely I would need to write them “love letters”. These little notes would indeed come in handy.

Now I needed to find creative ways to deliver my letters of love. Perhaps when we are on a field trip, I could attach them to their juice boxes or water bottles. I could tuck it into the front cover of their current book read. I could stick them to the chairs at the kitchen table between breakfast and the beginning of our day. There are so many possibilities, I could go on forever.

Whether it is a stack of silly little notes or a handmade card, I need to remember my family appreciates these little demonstrations of love. I constantly am trying to find ways to show my heart and express my feelings.

As homeschoolers, I have to be a little more creative. I am learning to take advantage of an opportunity when I see it. I can’t use a lunchbox, but I can use other things. The key is remembering and doing, no matter how little or how silly.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
~ Proverbs 22:6

📢 Chime In!: Do you write your children letters of love? What creative ways to do you find to deliver them?

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7 thoughts on “Letters of Love

  1. Cute post!
    I have two kids with dyslexia, so “Letters of Love” would seem like a cruel punishment to them, lol!

    I really like the idea of doing small, unexpected things to remind our kids that they are loved by us. I mean, as homeschool parents, it would appear that we sacrifice for them daily– isn’t that enough?
    But it’s not. Kids need to feel special and be reminded they are special and loved. With more than just words and routine.
    I try to find ways to do this as often as I can. Even if we are just having a really tough day and all I can do is show them Grace. It can take various forms, this language of love. May we all be reminded of its power to increase our little ones’ feelings of worth:)

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  2. I’m not a parent but my mom does give my siblings and me “Letters of Love”. We have mailboxes (decorated cardboard boxes) by each of our bedroom doors and will leave notes in them for each other. Sometimes when my mom is gone for the day, she will leave me a note on the kitchen counter so I can find it in the morning. It’s really nice receiving these notes. I love it. 🙂

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