The Kingdom of Mixedupalot

MixedupalotEvery once in a while we come across resources which are too sweet not to share, and this week we’re busting at the seems to clue you in to a website we wish we’d found years ago. Welcome to the fantastic “Kingdom of Mixedupalot“!

Written and illustrated by creator Jennifer Klein, the Kingdom of Mixedupalot is a weekly coloring page available on Mommy & Me Mondays. What makes each week’s coloring page special is the corresponding Bible verse, and devotion, which ties into the illustration.

Mrs. Klein is an incredibly talented artist who uses her gift for the glory of God and the blessing of the church. We’re sure you’ll find the characters of Mixedupalot to be adorable and charming. Each week provides not only a basic color page for younger children but also a more detailed illustration for adults and older children.

The accompanying devotions are brief and to the point, yet allow room for further discussion with older children. Each verse covered brings us into a better understanding of our relationship with God; His goodness and desire to be near to us.

Mommy & Me Monday

Don’t stop at the coloring pages! Mrs. Klein has also written two books, Sir Bumble and Princess Pristina. In these clever stories we learn the true meaning of bravery, God’s love, and caring for those who are afraid. We’re also reminded of God’s unfailing love and tremendous grace for His children.

Currently, we’re using Mommy & Me Mondays as part of Our Morning Basket. Every Monday morning, these beautiful coloring pages find their way into our homeschool morning time, preparing us for the day and the week to come. My children love these color pages, even my teens. Mommy only wishes she had stumbled upon this incredible resource sooner.

If you have yet to discover this wonderful resource awaiting you, don’t wait a moment longer. Stop in, wish Mrs. Klein a lovely day, and partake in the blessing of her color pages. But, don’t forget to check out her books. They’re too good to pass up.

📢 Chime In!: As an adult, do you still enjoy coloring?

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8 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Mixedupalot

    • So they tell me. Now, if I could only find a moment to test it out… I love looking at the coloring books. Some of them are gorgeous.

      I do use Colofy, which is a coloring app. It’s fun to use when I’m on the go and stuck in line somewhere. It’s not the same as paper and ink, but not a poor alternative.

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