Adjusting Your Thermostat

Adjusting_ThermostatIs our thermostat in working order? I don’t mean the one on the walls of our homes, adjusting the temperature in the rooms of our house. Rather our internal thermostat; the spiritual gauge which helps control the temperature of our heart and our lives. When our internal thermostat is placed at God’s proper setting, ourselves, our families, and our relationships remain in balance.

What happens when our internal temperatures get too hot? We tend to boil over and spew a burning mess over all those around us. We make rash choices, blow up, and occasionally stop working all together. And when we get too cold? We freeze out those we love, making them feel unwanted. We refuse to think of others, giving them the cold shoulder and becoming self-centered.

Our thermostats can be hard to maintain if we are doing it on our own strength and fail to establish helpful “programs”. We need to rely on the Lord (John 15:5). We need to set boundaries for ourselves, knowing that when we hit a certain point a change needs to be made.

When we get too hot, we need to learn to take a walk, pray about the situation, breathe, and let things go. We can call a good friend and “let off some steam”, allowing us to vent and better get a handle on the problem. When we get too cold towards others, we need to work on building the relationship and showing our feelings. We need to think of their needs, listen carefully, and speak kindly. We need to love on them and let them love us in return.

As my children’s parent and educator, part of my job is to teach them about their own internal thermostat and how it works; to help them learn their limits and how to put programs into place which access the help God is so willing to provide. It is also to example a properly operating thermostat. Are my children witness to an out of control parent, or one who adjusts to the continual changes of the day? If I am failing to model gracious, purposefully redirection of the temperature in our homes, how can I expect anything different in my children.

We are not called to be thermometers; constantly being changed based on the mood of our homes. We are called to be thermostats; constantly maintaining to remain inline with God’s purpose. Having a balanced thermostat will keep our family unified and peaceful. We will begin to recognize when the temperatures get out of normal range and how to adjust, bringing us closer to Christ.

“Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you.”
I Timothy 4:16

📢 Chime In!: How do you readjust your internal thermostat when it gets out of range?

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6 thoughts on “Adjusting Your Thermostat

  1. I have a hard time stabilizing my internal thermostat. I am working harder on it taking a lot more for me to blow up, instead of letting every little thing cause me to get heated. Though, I am still a work in progress. Taking deep breaths and walking away from the situation are the easiest ways for me to do this. With a full time job, a husband, 6 children and many other people in my daily life, I need to work harder on being able to readjust. I would like to share this post please!

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  2. Very wise post. Your contrast of being a thermostat vs. thermometer was apt. Registering at God’s setting is our best hope of maintaining a comfortable internal equilibrium and home environment. Thank you

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