Searching For Unicorns

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.
~Ann Landers

Searching_UnicornsThey have a park day, but field trips are a little lacking. The group is small. They’re open to a nature club, but finding someone to step up and lead might be a challenge. The ladies seem great, but not all the kids are as well-mannered as we’d like… Have you discovered sometimes finding the ‘perfect’ homeschool group can seem akin to searching for unicorns?

The notion of being involved in an active homeschool group is wonderful. The outings, learning opportunities, and edification sounds lovely. The issue of socialization isn’t high on our list of homeschooling concerns. But, let’s face it, we all like having friends.

What happens when we can’t find the right homeschooling group? For whatever reason, we never find a proper fit for our family. Mom isn’t building relationships, the kids dislike the activities available,  and/or our local group isn’t as organized as we’d like them to be.

Perhaps we’re overlooking a few things.

No group is going to be perfect. None. Even if the group seems wonderful at the get-go, something is bound to come up. There will always be difficult situations to work through, opportunities to practice flexibility, grace needed, and patience tested. We also need to keep in mind groups are only as good as we put into them. If our local homeschool group has potential, but needs a little boost, the Lord might be using us to step up and help. It won’t be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a blessing.

Our family is a group! Sometimes we don’t need to find these activities outside of our family – even though we might enjoy participating in these particular activities with others. All we need is right here. We can go on park days with our cousins, enjoy field trips with auntie, and learn baking from grandpa. Family is wonderful.

Searching for perfection, like unicorns, is pointless. It doesn’t exist this side of heaven, except in our imaginations and movies. It can also be dangerous. Instead of being grateful for the lovely in front of us, we are obsessed with finding the unattainable.

May we be open to the possibilities Christ is putting before us, praying carefully over our homeschooling decisions. May the Lord bless each of our families with close friends to share in the journey.

“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”
~ I Peter 4:8

📢 Chime In!: How are you making the most of your homeschool group?

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4 thoughts on “Searching For Unicorns

  1. You speak grace-filled words here. And they speak to the truth.

    Before we moved to another state in 2014, we were part of an amazing homeschool group. I still miss those thoughtful ladies and their families.

    Living in rural Iowa now, makes it very difficult to connect with other homeschoolers. There just aren’t many around here. Independent homeschooling has only been legal since 2013, and it still hasn’t caught on here like it had in my hometown (where it had been legal since before I was born…).

    I think, God willing, I’m going to try (again) to create some sort of homeschooling group to connect with others. It fizzled out last time because everyone involved lived at least an hour away from each other. But, it’s worth trying again, right,

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  2. You are so right on. We have had two homeschooling groups over the years. Then one year my kid’s weren’t interested in what was being offered. We stayed a part of it but didn’t participate much. The bear thing was having graduation ceremonies with kid’s they had grown up with. Not being active turned out ok too. God just had a different path for is at that time.

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  3. I loved this. We are in an area with a lot of homeschool families, yet I have not joined any homeschool group. You are correct when you say family is a group. With five kids, it is much easier some times to just do our own adventures and outings. Many of the groups out here are co-ops and we don’t feel led on that direction. I appreciate your post- helped reassure me that whatever we decided (join or not join) is best for us….is best for us. Unicorns and groups….neither may be best suited for our family. 😉

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  4. ” It won’t be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a blessing.” Well said! This applies to everything in life!

    I really can’t see how people find the time to participate in homeschool groups, though they seem like a great idea to me. Even with only one child, I’ve never managed to fit it into our schedule. (My daughter does participate in choir five days per week at our local public school, so I suppose that’s why we haven’t fit in time for a group.)

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