Don’t Think You Can Homeschool? Think Again!


Homeschooling can seem like a daunting journey, especially for those who are new to the concept. We are unsure of where to start, overwhelmed by the notion of taking on our children’s education, and feel as if we are not enough.

Join us as we review this fun series, sharing reasons families believe they can’t homeschool and offering encouragement for those unsure of the adventure called homeschooling.

I Can’t Homeschool!…

I Lack Self Control
They Won’t Listen
I’m Uneducated

I’m Unorganized
I Need ME Time
I Have Too Many Kids
My Kids Are Too Big

My Family Will Disapprove
I’m A Dad!
My Kids Have Special Needs


4 thoughts on “Don’t Think You Can Homeschool? Think Again!

  1. Can we get this sent to us monthly throughout the year? ha! I am always so confident then every once in awhile throughout the year we hit a bump and I think oh my goodness I just need to send them to school! 😀 Thanks for doing this, I look forward to reading it!

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  2. God has hardwired your children to learn. You are charged to lead with love. Children can learn with the right resources-easy as pie. I recommend some on my blog.

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