Show Me a Story

“As America’s industrial might grew, so did the conviction that the time had come for American illustrators to rise to the challenge of matching, or even surpassing, the high standard set by artists from across the Atlantic.”
~ Show Me a Story

Show_Me_Book_ReviewBeing married to an illustrator, I have the unique privilege of seeing behind the scenes. The difficult clients, the multitude of changes a project can go through, and the reward of a job well done never cease to amaze. I am very proud of my man and love sharing in his world. So when I spotted this book at our local library, into my basket it went.

Show Me a Story is a set of compelling interviews by the acclaimed Leonard S. Marcus. Twenty-one top authors and illustrators reveal their inside stories on the art of creating picture books. Max and Mickey; Miss Nelson; Pack, Quack, and Mrs. Mallard; Pigeon; Sylvester; John Henry; and a very hungry caterpillar – these are just a few of the beloved picture book characters discussed. We read about each artist’s childhood, their inspiration, their determination, their mentors, their creative choices, and more.

While this entire book is well worth reading, I especially enjoyed reading about each author/illustrator’s childhood. I wanted to learn about the creative and learning environment each artist experienced as a child. I also appreciated reading what inspired each artist. As a parent, perhaps there was something I could learn.

Many of the artists I had heard of previously and read many of their books. However, there were a few which were new to me. It was a pleasure to discover new works of literature to share with my children.

I will say I would like to see a sequel to this book; perhaps a series. There were many illustrators I was surprised were not included in this volume; artists such as William Joyce, Scott Gustafson, Tony DiTerlizzi, Brian Lies, and more. It would be great to hear from them as well.

This was a great book. I look forward to reading more works by Leonard Marcus in the near future. Learning and exploring the world of illustrators is a joy.

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