Am I Living Intentionally?

am_i_living_intentionallyThe only saying I can think of, in regards to intentions, doesn’t seem very encouraging. (You know… “The road to h—“, and all that?) It almost makes it seem as if having good intentions is a bad thing. I wonder though; if we never intended anything, how much would get accomplished? In order for us to reach our goal, we must first intend for that to be our goal. It is hard to hit a target, when you having nothing to aim for!

Over the course of my life, I hope there are many things about which I am intentional.

I intend to be an example of my faith. While, over the course of my life, I will fall short and makes mistakes, my greatest intention is to live a life that leads people to God. I need to wake up everyday, learning from my mistakes and giving the new day over to Him, intending to bring Him glory.

I intend to respect and love my husband. I need to daily make a point of showing him how much he is appreciated.

I intend to be a good parent.  I want my children to never doubt how much they are cared for. I seek to meet their needs and, if possible, fill their lives with joy. I intend to love them, teach them, and help them grow in wisdom.

I intend to be a caring friend. No friendship can survive without care. I should to make a point of setting aside time to remember those close to me and to let them know how much their friendship means.

I intend to give God my all. Life is short. While I have breath in my lungs, I want to give it everything I have.

I think the problem most people have with good intentions, is that they remain just that… intentions. Intentions are not always followed through; we start out with good ones and then leave them in the dust when something causes us to deviate from our path.

Intentions are a good starting point, but we need to make sure we are diligently following through, making those intentions a reality.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
~ I John 3:18

📢 Chime In!: Do you struggle with making intention become reality?

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5 thoughts on “Am I Living Intentionally?

  1. I always thought that quote dealt with meddling in other people’s affairs. Meaning you may have good intentions but far too often it causes unforeseen problems. Usually this is because we don’t always have the entire story so unless we are called upon by the other to get involved we are better off to stay out of it. Even then sometimes I think it’s better not to get involved in someone else’s drama.

    I like how you looked at the quote from a different angle. Intent on its own is not enough; we need to act and do as well. If intentions are the paving stones of our roads, then also we need to be mindful of where we are heading. We need to plan ahead so we know where we are going so we can correct our path if for some reason we have been pulled in the wrong direction.This way we can always stay on course.

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  2. I am so good at having good intentions, but I find that I fall short. I think to some extent, we all do, especially if we aim high.

    Thank you for sharing. I want to do more to be intentional, but then to follow through.

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