Fire Prevention Week!

“Think of fire before it starts.”

fire_prevention_weekIt’s Fire Prevention Week! Time for the fun and lessons to begin. Join us as we explore exciting ways to teach our children the importance of identifying problem situations, what to do in the event of fires, and how we can support our local fire stations.

Identify ‘Hot Spots’ in the Home – Fire prevention goes well beyond not playing with matches. Our children need to learn how to identify ‘hot spots’ in our home. Stove tops, overloaded outlets, fabric covered lamps, broken cords, and more are all trouble areas. It’s important our children learn to identify problematic situations and work towards a solution.

Create a Family Plan – Do our children know what to do in the event of a fire in our home? Learning how to put out fires is key. Now is the perfect time to show our children where smoke detectors are placed in our home, where they can locate fire extinguishers, and what to do if a kitchen fire starts. Let’s make a family plan – escape route – should we experience a house fire, clearly establishing paths of exit and a designated meet up spot.

Stop, Drop, and Roll – This was huge when I was a kid. We will teach our children what to do in the event they should catch fire.


Play theFireman Says” Game – Consumer Safety has graciously offered a fun game for us and our readers! Play “Fireman Says” and learn even more tips for preventing fire by reading their Fire Safety Guide.

Visit A Local Fire Department – Field trip time! Now is the perfect opportunity to visit our local fire department. Our firemen are experts and love to share with children. For added fun, we might consider combining our field trip with a home ec lesson and make a treat for our firefighters.

Peruse These Fire Safety Websites – 

  • Brandon Gaille – A neat article on 50 great fire safety campaign slogans – including the opening slogan of today’s post  – along with a helpful fire prevention poster provided by Nationwide and NFPA. Great stuff!
  • Consumer Safety – Our friends at Consumer Safety want to help you prevent home fires. Play the “Fireman Says” game, and read additional tips provided.
  • FWP Kids (Sparky) – An excellent resource for children. Here you’ll find games, fire safety stories, activity sheets, videos, printables, and more!
  • NFPA – The official site for the National Fire Protection Association, this website is key in teaching fire prevention. You’ll especially enjoy their classroom materials and resources, including Sparky’s Schoolhouse.
  • Smokey Bear – While Fire Prevention Week focuses mainly on keeping our homes and family safe, it would be remiss if we failed to mention visiting this website. Fire safety extends beyond the walls of our home. Caring for our community is a necessity.

All week long, look for these and other helpful links for Fire Prevention Week on our Facebook Page and other social media platforms. We’ll be sharing more of our plans for teaching and learning about fire safety with our children.

A special thank you to our friends at Consumer Safety for sharing their fun game, “Fireman Says”, with us and our readers. Your support of Fire Prevention Week is much appreciated. We enjoyed playing the game, and sharing these resources with our friends!

“In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety.”
~ Psalm 4:8

📢 Chime In!: Which resources are you using for Fire Prevention Week? Please share!

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