Finding Inspiration to Finish Strong

finding_inspiration_finish_strongHere it is, our holiday vacation is almost at an end. I’d love to tell you we’re all ready and excited to head back into our learning routine next week, but honesty demands a voice. The kids would prefer another three weeks of vacation – ahem – and mom is thinking she just now got a change to relax; it’s already time to start again? Through the leading of the Spirit, it’s time to find inspiration so we can finish our year strong.

It’s hard to remain motivated in teaching the kids when whining, fussing, complaining, and sleepy heads prevail. I further complicate the matter when I attempt to take this problem entirely upon my own shoulders instead of relying on the Lord for inspiration and wisdom. With prayer, I bow my head and ask the Lord to show us how to finish our year strong.

We Will Pray – Instead of making this my last resort, I purposefully need to make this my first hope. Through Christ all things are possible. The Lord can work in my children’s hearts, increasing anticipation for the remainder of our learning year.

We Will Create a Plan – Without a plan, we fail. If we are going to finish strong, we need to be purposeful. Things are not going to magically happen on their own. This will look different for each family, based on the Lord’s leading, but a plan is a good place to start.

We Will Look for Beauty – Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, I am going to look for it. I will remind myself of those glimpses of lovely waiting for us. The look on my child’s face when they finally get it. The beauty of an afternoon walking in the forest. The joy of discipling my littles. When I purposefully seek these out, inspiration is plentiful.

We Will Move in Faith – I’m not going to lie. There will be days which try the soul. Moments when I will hang my head and wonder if I’m doing this right. However, I will choose to not allow those moments to overcome me. Instead, we will move forward in faith that Christ will help us overcome.

I’m not sure where you’re at in your learning year. Starting, finishing, or mid-way – as we are. Wherever the Lord has you right now, I pray He would fill you with inspiration to finish strong. May we take one day at a time, looking for inspiration in the tiny moments which fill our days, and praising the Lord for each breath.

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

Job 32:8

📢 Chime In!: Where are you finding inspiration to finish the learning year strong?

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