I Loved Morning Basket, But We Dropped It Anyway

i_loved_morning_basket_but_we_dropped_itI like having a solid plan. I’m an organized soul who adores routine. And lists. Lists are my friends. But lists are not my ministry. I am called to meet the needs of my family. Sometimes this means I have to press pause on my well-scheduled plan and follow the Lord’s leading. I loved morning basket, but when it stopped meeting my family’s needs, we dropped it.

Even as I’m writing this, I sigh over my vision which has now been set aside. I had grand ideals of sitting on comfy pillows, reading amazing literature; us sharing cups of cocoa and exploring famous pieces of art. It was not to be.

To be fair, my kids gave it a shot. They quietly listened to the stories we read. We discussed the music played and perused the multitude of art books carefully placed before them. They weren’t unwilling to participate. They just weren’t receiving.

What went wrong? The concept was brilliant – if I do say to myself – our plans were well thought out. I had everything covered and fun ideas to keep things interesting. It stared out great. Slowly but surely, the kids not only lost interest in our activities, they began to dislike morning all together.

My little lady courageously braved her mother’s displeasure to pull me aside and ask if we might think about coming up with a new plan. They weren’t opposed to what I was hoping to teach, it was the method of our exploration.

Instead of starting our morning with books, together we decided lunchtime would be a better opportunity for our reads. We could listen to books while preparing lunch and enjoying a meal together. Art appreciation and music are better received when introduced organically. (Secretly, I believe this is just a ploy to put more field trips on the calendar, but we’ll keep that between ourselves.) We still start our day in prayer, but even Bible has seen a change with Pop taking over devotions at bedtime and introducing Logic.

Why did God allow us to start down this path if we weren’t meant to finish? To teach me a lesson. Morning Basket is a wonderful thing. But not every wonderful opportunity is perfect for everyone, or for all times. We enjoyed it for a season. That season has passed. The concepts are still being received, even more enjoyably than before, except now our learning takes place at a time and in a way our children are more able to receive and grow.

This isn’t the vision I had in mind. At times I foolishly wonder if I should force my children to sit and learn to like this method of receiving. It feels as if I’ve given up, and I hate giving up. In truth, I didn’t. I gave in to the leading of the Lord. There are battles I am called to fight, areas of raising children which need to be held firm. This isn’t one of them. Instead, this is an opportunity for growth. In all of us.

The basket still exists. It sits in our family room, filled with books and games to be played. I pass it often and fondly remember our quiet mornings together. Then I hear the laughter of children sharing a funny portion of the story they’ve chosen for themselves and can’t wait to share with each other. I listen to my oldest lovely recording symphonies for her iPod. I see my son looking through the art books constantly filling my husband’s shelves. And I am reminded learning takes place in many ways. This is not failure, merely another step in the adventure.

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.”
~ Colossians 3:21

Your Turn!: Is there an area of learning you loved, but the Lord felt the need to change?

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11 thoughts on “I Loved Morning Basket, But We Dropped It Anyway

  1. I admire this. Review, review, review isn’t easy to practice. Especially when it means scaling back something that held so much promise and took time to invest in. I was paying attention to your application of ”Our morning basket”, even considered it as an option for us, but it didn’t seem to fit with our style. Oh, and as for the comment: “Art appreciation and music are better received when introduced organically.” Allowing for some small amount of structured learning here, I happen to agree. 🙂

    I’ll introduce say, Man in Black by Johnny Cash to the kids, give some context and background – but that’s usually after I’ve had on our set playlist in the car for a few weeks. We have a fair few albums on vinyl that I’ve selectively collected over the years, including my dad’s original Elvis collection, so that’s kind of a unique novelty for them. We’ll put on a few LP’s in the background when doing craft etc.

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    • It would seem as if your introduction of music is being more organically introduced than typically done with Morning Basket.

      Traditionally a new composer is introduced for the week. Cold. No buildup, no previous introduction. A piece is played and then discussed, along with the composer or lyricist.

      While a certain amount of ground will be covered this way, it did not work with our children. I much prefer your suggested method of appreciation. Our children have a vast knowledge of music, not because we’ve sat down and studied composers and musicians, but because Frank and I have a passion for music. We’ve exposed them to everything from classical to Van Halen to Cuban mix and Spanish gypsy. Conversation happens naturally.

      As for vinyl, one can only be grateful record companies are finally taking a hint and releasing more to enjoy. Hooray!

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  4. Interesting that I read this tonight. Thank you, Lord. I was just talking to my husband about my need for switching things up next week. What worked for the last year or so is not working well for my strong willed dear one. Time to follow the Lord’s lead and switch it up.

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