Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

stepping_out_of_our_comfort_zonesI like my well-ordered life. I like to think I know my limits and just how far I can push them. There are certain activities I know I am capable of and willingly engage in. Then, there are others which I find myself thrust into; activities which are completely out of my comfort zone.

For some of us, being outside of our comfort zone is being in large crowds. For others it is public speaking. Once, the Lord asked me to abandon my comfort zone and speak at a local women’s conference. Talk about making a girl nervous!

How many of us went out of our comfort zone to homeschool? We dealt with personal fears and doubts, deviated from the normal path, and stepped out into unfamiliar territory. The first few steps were nerve-racking ones, but eventually we discovered we found our footing.

No matter where you comfort zone lies, let me encourage you to be willing to occasionally escape your comforts and allow the Lord to move.

Sometimes we are fearful of venturing into the unknown because we believe we lack the ability, talent, or knowledge to achieve in a new arena. What I’ve discovered over the years is that, for me, this is true! I do lack what it takes to achieve. What’s amazing is that while I am lacking, the Lord is always faithful. It is He who helps me to move past my discomfort and branch into new territory. When I do this, He is magnified and given glory; not because I am wonderful, but because He does wonderful things through the simplicity which is me.

As always, when we learn, our children learn right along with us! When we stepped out of our comfort zone to start homeschooling, our children experienced our faithfulness and were blessed. As we continue to follow the leading of the Lord, our children see the fruitfulness of our choices. As our babies grow into adults they will experience first hand a life well lived for the Lord and His ability to see us through anything, even those things which are outside our natural boundaries.

Funny thing… As the Lord begins to stretch us, we are learning, growing, and increasing in wisdom. What we thought we could not do, we now find ourselves succeeding in and achieving for His honor. He is helping us become more.

The Lord doesn’t need the most intelligent, the strongest, or the greatest; He only needs the willing. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and be used?

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”
~ Philippians 4:13

Your Turn!: Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone and been incredibly blessed? Share your story with us!

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3 thoughts on “Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

  1. I love this. Yesterday I had to stand up and give an announcement for our church nursery (definitely not as nerve-wracking as speaking for sure!) and I was SO nervous. My goal this year is to be more brave. 🙂 I’m fairly new to homeschooling (two years-ish) and love connecting with other homeschooling moms. Thanks for posting!

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