The Case of the Missing Pens!

The_Case_of_the_Missing_PensI didn’t want to do it. It goes against every Mom grain in my body. But, they’ve pushed me to a limit and I need to take a stand. What happened, you say? Well, you see, it all started with the case of the missing pens…

Rrrrr… Am I the only one who’s tired of things going missing? I buy a box of pens, place them in a location where everyone can access them; then, magically, before I reenter the room, they’ve all disappeared. Yeah. How can four kids possible need twenty pens all to themselves?

If it were just the pens, I might – might – be able to move on. (OCD and all that.) But, it’s not just the pens. Paper disappears, rulers vanish, glue runners seem to run off in the night. Where are they hiding it all?

All joking aside, this is a dilemma. I don’t want to go on a treasure hunt just to write a note. I need a supply closet which remains intact. Resources which stay in place, allowing me to get jobs done. Thus, I’ve come up with a solution. The kids have their own supplies, and mommy has hers.

The kids’ supplies get restocked every quarter, but until then, they are inspired to make the best use of their resources. If pens go missing, they know to start hunting them down amongst themselves. Mommy doesn’t have them, and she is not going to buy more until next quarter.

I don’t like having separate supplies. It makes me feel selfish. But, it’s become necessary in order to function without losing patience. If the kids truly have a need, it’s filled. If they borrow something, I let them. As long as things are returned. I’m reasonable like that.

It’s amazing! Suddenly, pens no longer go missing. Pencils are where they’re supposed to be. Rulers are returned. Order has been restored! Thank goodness.

“But all things should be done decently and in order.”
~ I Cor. 14:40

Your Turn!: What is one resource you can’t seem to keep in stock for homeschool days?

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10 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Pens!

  1. I have had to go with separate supplies too. Between losing, using up wastefully, and breaking, my kids pretty much made sure there were no art, craft, writing, or paper supplies to use. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally started making them stick to their own personal stash about a year and a half ago. Had to work out some kinks before I could get strict with it though so have only been strict for a little under a year. Now I have my crayons, pencils, printer paper, notebooks, pens, scissors, glue, etc and they’re not allowed to even touch them without my specific permission and with me there to make sure my items are returned. Sanity was at stake. I had to do something. We were just at the store last night and they were asking for new supplies because they lost theirs again. I refused and reminded them if they would clean up their room they would probably find all they needed. Looking forward to the day they find organization worth implementing themselves. lol

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  2. My son used to bite the erasers off all the pencils. Scissors also still disappear. My husband put one pencil on a chain that was screwed into the wall. Then he got a tackle box for office supplies that had a padlock on it. Seriously insane around here. One of my sons started putting velcro on his pencils and sticking them where he needed them, his music stand, his comp books. The same with his calculator. I still look with envy at those DIY sites that have all the little bits of this and that organized.

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  3. We share some things like glue and post-it notes, but the kids have their own pencils, pens and paper. Runs well enough. 🙂 Isn’t it interesting, how something as simple as being responsible for cleaning a room, keeping track of your own pencils or your own scissors, turns out to be part of some of the most important lessons in life?

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