When Pop Comes Home

When Pop Comes HomeI frequently read lovely posts about preparing for Daddy’s arrival back home at the end of each day. The ladies might perhaps put on a pretty blouse, touch up their makeup, and spritz themselves with perfume. Moms are wonderful about making sure the house is straightened up, the kids are in decent order, and dinner is just about finished. I wonder though, what do those women do whose husbands are home all day?!

I find myself in this predicament and often wonder how many other women are in the same boat. My husband, generally speaking, works at home. There is no touching up makeup before he gets in the door, there is no sprucing up the house, or cleaning up of kids; he sees it all.

While we are together the bulk of every day, I would like to think there are a few things I can still do to bless him. They might not be astounding, but every little bit helps!

I make sure we are groomed. This might seem silly to some ladies; I mean sweats are clothes, right? While my husband doesn’t mind what I wear, I still prefer to get up before everyone else and get dressed. I put on “street clothes”, no sweats or pajamas. I put on just a little makeup and do my hair. I want my husband to know that I look nice for him, not just when I leave my house. Periodically I will touch up my makeup, as needed, to ensure I keep looking fresh. My kids are also trained to get up, get dressed, and be presentable.

I make sure the house is fairly decent. While messes can’t be avoided, we do try to keep things more livable. We have trained our children to keep their toys to one room or area at a time. This ensures that the mess can be cleaned up fairly quickly and if my husband walks out of his office, he is not overwhelmed by disorder.

I make sure to touch bases. While we might both occupy the same house, that doesn’t mean we are actually communicating. At various times throughout the day, I make sure to pop my head into his office and see if he needs anything. Perhaps he might like some fresh coffee, a snack, or a hug? Near the end of the day, we talk about when he would like dinner and I get busy.

When my husband does leave the house, I try to walk him out and greet him on his return. I want to be the last thing on his mind when he leaves and the first one to welcome him home.

While I don’t have the benefit of preparing our home before Pop’s return at night, I believe we are doing our best to make him feel welcomed and appreciated whenever he steps out of his office.

Your Turn!: How do you prepare for Dad at the end of each work day?

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7 thoughts on “When Pop Comes Home

  1. My husband is sometimes home all day and others it he’s out so it just depends. The few things that are constant…like you I usually am the first to get up. I get out of “bed clothes” and put on something if I had to leave the house I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear…lol. Then my day starts. I usually make sure everything is in reasonable order before everyone is up and if I have time during the day I try to keep things in order. Most of the time this works but there are times it doesn’t.

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  2. We do the same. I used to work in corporate environment and would get dressed up everyday. Since I’m stating home now I still make sure im dressed and have light makeup. The kids are always dressed too. We tidy at the end of each day and greet him when he comes home. We love to do it and appreciate his hard work. After dinner we have family time.

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  3. My hubby works swing shift so he comes home around 1 am, lol. But we wake up before him in the morning so I always have fresh coffee for him and although we have usually started our school before he wakes up, we take a break to sit with him, chat, snuggle, etc.

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  4. I love these pointers! My husband either follows a third shift schedule or he works from home. For me I can easily get wrapped up in the kids and what needs to be done with/and for them. Thank you for this gentle reminder that my husband still comes first. Definitely going to reimplement these pointers into my day 😊

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  5. I’ve got a ways to come. While I try to have a quick tidy up before my husband comes home and I leave for work, often that doesn’t happen. The one constant is a warm meal and the kids started into their dinner so he just has to finish it off with them once I’m away. ❤️

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