Will Someone Help Me, Please?

Will Someone Help Me, Please?I had gotten myself into this mess. Needing help but not asking for it. No one else was to blame for me standing in a kitchen by my lonesome, washing dishes, staring at a dirty floor, and thinking on the multitude of tasks I still had to finish before getting to relax for the night. I wanted to scream out, “Will Someone Help Me, Please?” Instead, I stood in my kitchen stewing and that can only lead to trouble.

I do this to myself far too often. For a myriad of reasons, I allow myself to become overwhelmed by responsibility, then look for somewhere to cast the blame when I should be reorienting my thinking and asking the Lord for help.

Praying About My Perspective – I am reminded of Pastor Lusko’s words of wisdom. We should not pray for what we will not pay for. In other words, I shouldn’t pray for God to use me, then complain about feeling used. When I’m feeling overwhelmed by the cares and responsibilities of this world, this is the perfect time to pray. God knows what I can handle and how to help me move forward. I only need to reach out and ask for wisdom.

p.s. I also need to be on the lookout for those pesky messages the enemy will send my way as means of attack. He wants me to feel used, abused, and overlooked. He wants me to think of myself as undervalued; for my pride to take over and anger to take hold. Why should I give in to his foolishness and let him win?

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew – Truth be told, I often find myself in this situation because I have overstepped my bounds and gone outside of God’s will. I said, “Yes” far too often or added more to my to-do list than anyone asked of me. I need to learn to say, “No” and/or limit my tasks for a given day. I am not Superwoman.

Swallowing My Pride – Because of that Superwoman tag, I often fail to reach out due to my own silly pride. Somewhere along the line, I got it into my silly head seeking assistance was weak. I can do it on my own. This is my job, after all. If I ask for help, I’m not earning my keep. Unfortunately, I buy into this lie far too often. This is pride talking, and it needs to be quiet.

Asking For Help – Why am I in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room… by myself? I didn’t ask for help! Instead of making this a fun, family time – one where we can laugh over chores together, while making memories – I pridefully told everyone I could do this by myself. Now, my family is off enjoying a game and I’m all alone working. Together we could have had fun and gotten the job done faster. Together we could be playing after the satisfaction of cleaning up. But, it starts with me and a simple question.

If I’m feeling as if I’m overworked and needing aid, it’s more than likely because I allowed myself to fall into this trap. There is danger in thinking I can do everything by myself; that I don’t need help. It can also be a problem if I am unable to ask for help, either due to pride or embarrassment. I need to be open to receiving help, communicate my need for assistance, understand this doesn’t make me week, and graciously accept an offer of help.

Through God’s leading and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I am learning to swallow my pride and ask for support. In prayer, I will bow my head, asking to be reminded of the true heart of ministry and help to keep my eyes focused on His vision for my family. Will someone help me? Yes; if only I ask!

“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”
~ John 14:13-14

Your Turn!: Do you have trouble asking for help?

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15 thoughts on “Will Someone Help Me, Please?

  1. It happens tome more often hen I ant to admit. I think it comes down to the point, we are so used to doing and don’t realize if we had help not only more would get done but we would not get as exhausted and worn out. But that “I can do it all” mentality stops us. It’s hard to change especially when we feel like no one else can do it but us. If you get over that let me know how you done it …lol!!

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    • I’ve always suffered from the delusion I HAVE to do this to earn my keep. Yet another lie from the enemy.

      I need to be responsible with what God has blessed me with, but I can never earn His grace nor my husband’s love. It is freely given.

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  2. Wow, it seems like you wrote my story. Doing things by myself is a huge problem that I have.Thank you for this post. I too need to have a different perspective, to ask for help and to allow God to lead me so that I won’t stretch myself thin and then become overwhelmed.

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  3. Actually, no, I have no trouble asking for help. I once told my family: “Eight people are dirtying these floors and one person is sweeping. eight people are eating and one person is cooking and doing dishes. Eight people are changing clothes and one person is doing the laundry….” It was a long lecture including all the things a mom does alone. Then I told them that was NOT right and they must help. I said that for me to homeschool the children, it would be for me as if I were forced to work outside the home; I would need help with the things a mom would normally do all alone. I did not feel guilty at all.
    And they did help. Everyone had chores. Daddy’s main chore was to bring home money, heh heh. However he also cut and split firewood, tilled garden, and many other man-things. The kids had laundry-folding chores, house-cleaning chores, dish chores, and several other responsibilities such as feeding pets, etc., that I purely did not do. (One time when they’d become lax about not cleaning up the breakfast mess, I just did not fix lunch! Haha!)
    I never felt guilty! I felt put-upon from day one and made sure no one had a hand in driving me crazy! 🙂
    Caveat: Now that they are all grown up and gone to live their own lives, all, all, all that work falls on me. 😀
    But there is less of it.

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  4. I have been there for sure! Recently, God reminded me that having my kids help with ALL the household cleanup is really part of training them to be functional adults. Even getting them to help with cooking (age appropriately, of course) will give them the ability to make better (and often cheaper!) food choices when they are older.

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    • I think some of the issue, from my perspective, is that we find it hard to make the transition from having littles to big kids. When they are babies, they are unable to help. As they grow, we justify our doing everything with their just being kids – they need to have a childhood, not do chores all day like me; that’s my job.

      While I would not suggest our kids completely take over our responsibilities, we ARE doing them a disservice if we fail to include them in the daily running of our household. These are important life skills, and a good example of working together to accomplish a common goal.

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      • That is exactly what I have experienced as well. The transition was tough, and it seems that the new seasons of life sneak up on me and I find they need more responsibility all of a sudden!

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  5. Yes, I just had my daughter make the dinner last night. All on her own, she did great! It is ridiculous for one person to clean up and cook for a whole family, especially with a baby on your hip the whole time. 😮 Also, it is nice to have other women in your life who are thoughtful & kind friends. Friends who help before you even ask them, and make no big deal about it. But yes, sometimes you got to make it clear what you need.

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  6. I so relate to this! Me – standing there in dispair thinking “how can I possibly get all this done?” I have trouble asking for help, especially as my kids are barely old enough to really help and my husband is super busy with work. So hard!

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