Review: Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc.

WebDesign_by_CompuScholarIncFor a while now we’ve debated building our own website. Finding a web designer can be pricey, and online forums can be restricting. So when we were offered an opportunity to review Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc., you know we jumped on board!

Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc., previously known as Homeschool Programming, is an online curriculum teaching students the basics of building a web page. The course is broken down by a multitude of chapters. Chapter topics include Web Tools and Languages, Your First Web Page, Head and Body Elements, Connecting Your Site, and many more. Most chapters contain four to five lessons, an activity, and a chapter test.

Our original intention was to complete a chapter a day, Monday through Friday, but we quickly needed to make adjustments. We discovered CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design is an in-depth course going beyond anything we had yet experienced. Plus, with life being what it is… realistically only a few chapters a week were accomplished. Seeing as we have a year to complete the entire course, this is not a major issue. We found we were able to complete an entire chapter – on average – in a little over an hour. At times taking two hours, depending on the concept being taught.

While it might be tempting to only watch the video portion of the lesson and skip the text lesson, we would highly discourage such a course of action. Text lessons include additional information not covered in the video and help students complete the quiz which follows. In addition, the text lessons will reinforce what was learned in the video. Taking in both methods of learning ensure the student fully understands each lesson and can move forward in confidence. The video lessons are short, helpful for visual learners, and easy to follow. Text lessons build upon the video, once again providing visual aid to learners. Quizzes are extremely short, consisting of five questions, helping the student take measure of their knowledge before continuing on.

As a teacher, I’ve found CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design detailed, methodical, and well-thought out. The online system auto grades all quizzes and tests, saving me time. I need only log into my teacher account and check the progress of my students. As a teacher, I also have access to Professional Development helps such as Teacher Guides, Quiz/Test Answer Keys, and Activity Solutions Guides. These Activity Solutions Guides came in handy further along in our course, as a few of the activities were challenging.


We had the ability to review the Technical Support department after experiencing an issue with the activity project in Chapter Nine. Even after checking our student’s project against the solution guide, the webpage was still not loading correctly. We submitted a ‘ticket’ for assistance via Homeschool Support and received an email stating our ‘ticket’ was being processed. Within several hours, a helpful support staffer contacted us and requested copies of our files for review. He gently reminded us of the presence of activity solution guides, in case we had missed this option, and offered to review our files for errors. By the next morning we received another email with clearly labeled, highlighted, instructions to fix the issue. Within five minutes the problem was fixed, an error on our part, and we were on our way.

Thus far, CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design is fantastic, if challenging! We found the videos to be very helpful; surprisingly one of our favorite portions of the lessons. Quizzes and tests were simple, if we paid attention to the lessons. One of our favorite aspects of CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design is that students are working while learning. They immediately are able to apply what they are learning, seeing their results as they progress. We found this encouraging and helpful, keeping the students’ interest. CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design will push learners to focus and pay attention to detail. Even the smallest mistakes will result in errors of programming. However, their helpful and knowledgeable technical support team is always ready to help you get back on track.

After only reviewing CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design for several weeks, and long before we’ve completed even half the course itself, we have a new appreciation for those who maintain and build our website. Thus far, we’re about a quarter of the way through our course. We have every intention of finishing. We’ll continue to move at a consistent pace, finishing the class by the end of the year. Maybe then, maybe, we’ll feel competent enough to tackle the tough job of creating our own web page. Maybe.

If you’d like to learn more about CompuScholar, Inc., in addition to Web Design, please visit them at their website. For those new to computer sciences, you’ll want to check out Digital Savvy to learn more about these fundamental life skills! You can also find CompuScholar, Inc. on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

To read additional helpful reviews like this one, and gain more insight into what CompuScholar, Inc. has to offer, please visit The Homeschool Review Crew!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc.

  1. I’m so glad you shared this review! I had no idea products like this were out there and I think they are a valuable addition to our kids’ curriculum in this rapidly expanding digital age! I would be interested to know how you feel about it at the end and what skills your student has acquired as a result of it!

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