A Simplified Life

Simplified_LifeBefore summer gets away from me and life once again becomes crowded with too many homeschooling resources, parent-taxi responsibilities, and an overburdened calendar, it’s time to take a moment to breathe and simplify life. Perhaps you’re feeling like me and could use a little encouragement. Join us in reviewing this fun, simple to follow series!

With these basic, easy steps, we hope to help simplify life. Join us as we share our thoughts on how to simplify all areas of our lives, homes, and learning.

A Simplified Life: Menu Planning
A Simplified Life: Chores
A Simplified Life: Homeschooling
A Simplified Life: Educational Resources
A Simplified Life: Extra Curricular Activities
A Simplified Life: Free Printables


2 thoughts on “A Simplified Life

  1. Wow, I really needed this post…and this Scripture today. It’s almost like you were eavesdropping on my thoughts, lol. I have been slowing digging through catalogs, websites and previously used printables to see how best to dive into my daughter’s sophomore year of high school. But I’ve always been covered up head and ears with freelance writing assignments. But I’ve also been trying to get the laundry finished. Again. And half a million other things. I went to bed praying, asking God to show me how to find a better balance, not for ME, but for Him and for the best use of my time.

    So thank you 🙂 I will be looking into each of these links today. Have a great one!

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