Big Changes to Our 2017-2018 Routine

Big Changes to Our 2017-2018 RoutineEvery year our learning routine grows and adapts to fit our needs. You’d imagine as the children get older, we’d tighten the belt and the work load would increase. Instead, this coming year, we’ve chosen to take a step back and lighten the load. The kids are more than pleased with the change. And no one is more surprised than I that we’re doing better than ever.

Change is hard for me. I hem and haw over whether or not this is for the family’s best interest or if I’m just trying to make my life easier. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with choosing a more simple path, I always wish to be sure I am doing so for the right reasons and not because I am being lazy or irresponsible. This year, we’ve made a few changes which definitely make life easier. One has been an adjustment for the better. The other? The other is a step of faith, based on the leading of the Lord.

This year, we’ve chosen to forego testing. Did that just make you nervous? It took a moment for the Lord to calm my heart and help me see things His way. As our children have gotten older, they’ve become more independent in certain areas of their learning. From spelling and grammar to arithmetic, the girls cruise through their lessons so smoothly they hardly need me around. Seeing as they are doing the work on their own and I am checking it on a daily basis, testing seemed a bit redundant. I watch as they study, noticing they complete lessons without heavily relying on open-book to answer correctly. On the Lord’s leading, testing has been put on hold. For now. I’ll be honest, I struggle with this from time-to-time. However, their work has not lessened in quality and their appreciation for each subject as increased. We’re taking this one day at a time, and enjoying the experiment.

Group learning, history and science, has also seen changes. In previous years we’ve done both history and science on the same day. Perhaps it’s my OCD nature which couldn’t seem to let go of covering every topic each and every day. Maybe it’s my personal schooling career which followed a similar routine. Who knows? This year, we’ve chosen to try something different. Two days a week we focus on science, and the other two we turn our attention to history. Not only does this help mom – who no longer needs to stress over having two, fun, engaging lessons planned everyday of the week – the kids appreciate having one daily focus. The length of time spent on our study has increased to accommodate our change, but no one seems to mind. In fact, it’s given us an opportunity to delve deeper and work on activities which we normally would have skipped due to time constraints.

These few changes have definitely lightened our daily and weekly homeschooling routine, and I believe we’re the better for it. Instead of increasing our work load, we’ve simplified; creating opportunity for deeper study and natural appreciation for the adventure of learning around us. Each day begins with prayer and hearts open to wherever the Lord leads.

Interested in the finer details of what we’re studying this year – including our course in chemistry and foreign language? Take a moment to pop over to view our 2017-2018 Course of Study and more at Our Year!

“Teach me Your way, O LORD, And lead me in a level path Because of my foes.”
~ Psalm 27:11

Your Turn!: Are there any major changes in your coming homeschool year?

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4 thoughts on “Big Changes to Our 2017-2018 Routine

  1. I like it! Outside chapter revisions in workbooks. We rarely do testing because, as parents, we’re always on the frontline. Back seat driving isn’t something homeschool educators do. It’s riding shotgun all the way. [You can quote me on that 🙂 :)] We’re also big on having margin for deeper learning. Hence, our tandem read and discuss activities for the boys and upper high school girls. Hope the relaxed, but still disciplined routine works out for you guys.

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