Review: Trust Fund and Love Was Near by Mapelle Films

Review_TrustFund_LoveWasNearMovie night can be a challenge. Violence, language, and inappropriate material abounds. Thanks to a review of Trust Fund and Love Was Near by Mapelle Films, movie night just got easier!

Trust Fund is the first independent film to be released by Mapelle Films. The story follows Reese Donahue, a talented young author finding her place in the world, as she runs from responsibility in hopes of attaining independence and romance. What follows is a charming tale of forgiveness and true love, liberally based on the prodigal son story found in book of Luke.

Our family received a Trust Fund DVD, along with a copy of Love Was Near, from Mapelle Films. Love Was Near is a companion book to Trust Fund, giving deeper insight into lessons Reese learned during her journey. Love Was Near is written from Reese’s perspective, in first-person narrative, sharing her adventures and thoughts including “hand written” diary entries. As she closes each chapter, the reader is given questions to reflect upon which relate to lessons Reese has learned throughout the film. Love Was Near includes an introduction to be read before enjoying the movie, followed by twenty-eight chapters which correspond to the film’s storyline.

In addition to both the film and book, we were given access to a downloadable study guide for Trust Fund. While the study guide is slated for “small group study”, we found it easily adaptable to a family setting. The study includes both background on the storyline itself and characters in the movie. The study guide makes a point of sharing the original prodigal son story found in the book of Luke, making a comparison of persons found in Luke’s tale and those in Trust Fund. While you’re there, be sure to view the movie clips! You won’t want to miss out.

While movies are usually a family affair, we ladies chose to watch our first viewing of Trust Fund by ourselves. As suggested, I read the introduction in Love Was Near, then we watched Trust Fund. After viewing the movie, Love Was Near has been a great follow-up, using Reese’s questions for an open group discussion. Love Was Near is a fairly thick book. While my instinct is to rush through the material, discussing everything in one go while it’s still fresh in our minds, I do not believe this would be wise. Instead, we have discussed several points in the first chapters and will continue on through the book with each viewing.

I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant to review Trust Fund. I not only had doubts about the nature of Reese’s prodigal story and how much would be shown, I was unsure of the film quality itself. We had nothing to worry about. The movie was beautifully made! The story is clean, entertaining, charming, and heartwarming. It is visually lovely. We’re overjoyed with the movie and excited to share this with friends. The bonus, for us, was knowing the filmmaker is a homeschool graduate. How exciting to see his success and inspiring for our children!

I don’t wish to give too much away, so there will be no spoilers in this review. However, I feel the need to point out that while this is a prodigal story, Reese didn’t seem a prodigal as much as misguided. She makes several poor decisions based on little thought and deep emotion, a lesson in itself. The film was suitable for all ages, but it is our opinion this movie would be of greatest interest to girls in junior high and above. Parents should note, while the movie is clean there are elements of romance in the storyline, should this be a concern.

Movie night is still a challenge, but with films like Trust Fund available, our options are growing. We look forward to viewing more from Mapelle Films and increasing our movie library.

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