A Homeschool Mom’s Wish List

Our_Wish_ListFor us the school year has already begun. Curriculum was purchased ages go, new supplies grace our shelves, and activities are on the calendar. While we might have everything we need to get the year started right, it’s always fun to dream of items we wish we had. We’re not talking our run of the mill crayons, paper, or scissors. No, these homeschool wishes require a little more space or money or thought.

To somewhat reign in this dreamfest – because who wouldn’t like a massive home library at their disposal or a room addition for learning – we will restrict this list to simply learning supplies. Things I could buy at any given time should the budget allow, but for one reason or another I have yet to make the investment. Here are a few tools which would be grand to have at my disposal for the current homeschooling year:

A Black Chalkboard – I don’t exactly know where I’d put one of these babies, but I really want one. I see so many lovely photos of homeschoolers using them to assist with their learning or displaying diagrams of nature studies. They look handy, and neat.

A Letter Board – Again, probably not a practical supply. But this is a wish list after all. My wish list. Thus, I’d like a letter board. I’d enjoy being able to display Bible verses using this medium or edifying quotes to uplift our spirits.

A Shadow Box – We still don’t have a perfect spot to display our nature finds. I think it would be fun to have a central location for the children to show their latest acquisitions and gain inspiration for continued learning.

Another Stack of Books – Yes, our library cards still work. However, I have an increasing list of books which I would prefer grace my home library instead of sitting in our library basket. Some books are keepers, no matter how great a library you have access to.

More Bookshelves – If I’m going to get more books, I’m going to need more bookshelf space. It’s a never-ending problem. One I have no intention of fixing.

Subscriptions – There are a few companies to which I would like a subscription. Amongst them would be Wild+Free, Wild Explorers Club, MEL Science, Kiwi Crate or Tinker Crate, Lit Box, and a few others. There are different reasons for each, but all of them would be of benefit and tons of fun.

A Good Walking Stick – I once saw a picture of a family which had a walking stick. On the stick they would carve tiny images of their hikes/nature walks to remember them by. Ever since then, I’ve been looking for a walking stick. Nothing fancy, just something tall enough for me to use and sturdy enough to make the journey. It is more likely I will need to find such a walking stick, rather than buy one, but I’d like one all the same. I’m keeping my eyes open.

An Instant Pot – Did I say that right? While not strictly a homeschool tool, I would find this exceedingly helpful in making home life easier and assisting with meals during our learning day. That and it just looks fun.

In truth, none of these items are essential for learning. Each are mere wishes, something to think upon and possibly invest in the future. The Lord has always provided for our learning year and given everything we need. I know this will always be so. But, on occasion, it’s fun to peruse learning tools other families find of benefit or discover new tools for learning.

As we’re launching into the coming year, may we remember to be thankful for what He provides daily. May we give thanks for our ability to homeschool and disciple our children. We might not have everything we want, but we have everything we need.

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
~ Philippians 4:19

Your Turn!: What’s on your homeschool wish list? Share with us the top three tools you’d enjoy in your learning corner.

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11 thoughts on “A Homeschool Mom’s Wish List

  1. I like the new patio set idea! I don’t really have a patio, so I’d prefer one of those big swings that the kids and I can all fit in. We could read books in it! I would like more data on my internet plan so I can watch more documentaries and YouTube instructionals. I would also like a laptop.

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  2. Outside the normal syllabus material. I don’t have a list per say. If there is one thing, though, that would be at the top of any list, it would be to get out of the rental cycle. That, I believe would be one area of where we’d be able to soar higher.

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      • Housing. We rent. So, we’re at the mercy of the real estate, owner, their trimonthly inspections and their rules. The market in Aus, is inflated (though the offical line is that it isn’t), has been for near on a decade. It’s been uber hard to get into. Unless you’re coming from a place of support or significant savings. The first we don’t have, the second we’re working on. At the moment the market is at 350k-450k Au, for a basic 3br house. Which would be around 277k up to 377k, U.S, at current rates.

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      • I see. We understand. The market here for renting is a challenge as well. While we don’t have inspections, the rules are getting a bit harsh and renting rates are increasing significantly. We know several families who are struggling with just finding a place to live.

        We will definitely be keeping this in prayer for your family. May the Lord provide you with a home of your own at a reasonable price. With God all things are possible.

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  3. An instant pot, subscriptions and more bookcases. Yep – that about sums up my ideal Christmas presents!

    But mostly, I wish my mum was still alive to help me out sometimes! She’d have loved to have been involved in the kids’ education.

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