Changes Already?

Changes Already?As I’m sure many of us have experienced, the beginning of the school year is barely behind us and we’re already making changes to our routine and curriculum. One would think with all the planning and organizing which goes into putting the year together we would have this down by now. Especially after this many years of learning. I wish I knew why this happens, but here we go again.

In my head I run through the multitude of possibilities which brought us here. Perhaps we had grand visions which now need to be tailored down. Maybe a new area of study came highly recommended but upon use was found to be a poor fit for our family. Areas of focus might have been overlooked and added last-minute. The list could go on.

We’re two sessions into our learning year and thus far several changes have already made an appearance:

Exchanging Textbooks for Living Books – Our science course this year is chemistry. Apologia came highly recommended and a friend was kind enough to lend us their textbook. Unfortunately, while the curriculum seems well laid out, it wasn’t a good fit for us. It did have experiments, quite a few of them in fact, but they were low on the interest scale and long on text. After a little research, we opted to try something new. Living books. Several came highly recommended. We checked as many as we could from the library and narrowed down our choices. We’ve settled on two and are really enjoying the change.

More Nature Study – In the past we were randomly choosing areas of focus. Most of our selections were prompted by a hike or outing. There was no consistency or overall plan. Being inspired by the multitude of other families also studying nature, we now have a definite system. No more scrambling for last-minute ideas or wondering what to study next.

Logic – I’ll be honest, I fought this. I had no opposition to teaching logic, mind you, and definitely wished for my kids to learn it. I was afraid. I had never formally taken a course in logic and wasn’t sure I could teach it. After my husband calmed my fears and walked me through his choice of book, we began. I’m so glad my guy persisted. It’s slow going but worth the effort.

These might not seem like major changes, but they are making a huge difference in our day. I’m not sure what the rest of the year holds, but it’s sure to be an adventure.

I still wish we could avoid making changes during the midst of our learning year. It would bring peace of mind and mean less scrambling. But I trust the Lord has a plan at work. I might not see the bigger picture, but He does. All He asks is that I be faithful.

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” ~Proverbs 18:15

Your Turn!: What changes have you already made in this learning year?

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9 thoughts on “Changes Already?

  1. This happens with us all of the time. When my son was in first grade, I ended up giving him a mini break so I could change nearly everything! It happens because we care. Our plans could have been great, but being a good home school teacher demands that we tailor to our children’s needs and to our needs as a family/ teacher. To me, it means I’m doing my job.
    I would love to hear more about what your nature studies are. So far, I’ve manly kept it to mini collections or crafts and some writing prompts inspired by what they see outside. While it isn’t something I want to spend a lot on, I would like to incorporate more studies of God’s creation as my oldest hits third grade.

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    • It’s nice to know we’re not alone!

      Our nature study method includes picking a six-week focus. This past set was all about birds. We did anatomy, habits, habitats, nests, eggs, beak variations, feet variations, and more. One specific target per day with the overall focus being birds. We did some watercoloring (anatomy), drawing (habitats), nest building with food stuffs, egg coloring, clay impressions of feet and more! It was fun and we learned a lot. We had bird sounds playing in the background and also included a few well-timed videos to assist.
      Our next focus will be insects!

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  2. I’ve been horrible in the past with constantly changing things around but we are going on year 6 of homeschooling and this is the first time that we haven’t changed anything yet 😳 Keep on praying and fingers are crossed that we stay in this groove for a while 😊

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  3. The pencil and eraser are my best friends the first month of school! My most common issue is over-ambitious assigning of work, which then needs to be modified in the kids’ lesson planners. This year, I thought I had it down, as I only have one daughter left in homeschool. I thought I would plan out her whole year. Mistake! That’s okay. That is why I never use a pen:)

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