When Did Busyness Become A Badge of Honor?

When_Did_Busyness_Become_A_Badge_of_Honor?As I sat visiting with a friend, I began to notice a distinctive quality to our conversation. After being asked about my oldest daughter’s college classes, we had moved into her work opportunities, then on to the general homeschool calendar. Family activities soon followed. What bothered me wasn’t the current topic so much as the pride which seemed to be creeping into my tone. Our ridiculously over-filled routine had me brimming with pride. When had busyness become a badge of honor?

The Lord used that teachable moment to remind me of something important. It is dangerous to allow our worth and value to be caught up in our routine. We are not more successful because we are busy running around town. A lot of tasks completed does not, in fact, make me more accomplished.  It just makes me more busy.

On the flip side, neither is the notion of doing nothing a badge of honor. I am not a better parent, or closer to my children, because we go nowhere and our calendar is clear. I can equally ignore my children at home as not meet basic needs by being constantly on the go.

The goal is to be content with where God has placed us. To be in the center of His perfect will. At times this will give us a full schedule, while others allow us rest. Neither has anything to do with my ability, and everything to do with God’s goodness.

A good place to start is by doing a heart check. When choosing activities, are we doing so because the Lord has prompted our hearts and moved us in this direction, or because everyone else is doing this and I am worried others will think we are failing to be sufficiently involved? Perhaps I am cramming much into our schedule for fear of missing out. If we refrain from activity, are we judging others for their busy lives while we appreciate a season of peace? Neither course of action is wise. Both lead to a prideful heart unfit for service.

When sharing, I want it to be from a heart so full of Jesus I am overflowing with joy at what He is doing. Even if what He has brought is a season of rest. What is important is not what we have done or not done, but how God is moving through that moment.

May the only thing I glory in be God alone.

But he who boasts is to boast in the Lord. For it is not he who commends himself that is approved, but he whom the Lord commends.”
~ Corinthians 10:17-18

Your Turn!: Where does the Lord have you right now; in a season of rest or activity?

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7 thoughts on “When Did Busyness Become A Badge of Honor?

  1. We are in a season of transformation, after evacuating Hurricane Harvey. Living ‘tiny’ has taken on a new meaning for us, and so many people see our way of life as unacceptable. But our daughter is still being homeschooled, no matter where God leads us. We are still being parents, no matter the road our hearts urge us to wander.

    I am so much happier now, as a person, living life in constant transition — with my family always together — than I was watching my husband leave everyday; never knowing what time he’d be walking back through that door. Our daughter is happier, too. I can see it on her face, and in her actions. And no matter where God leads us to be, I know he will never lure us in the wrong direction. He will give us directions in our hearts. All we have to do is listen.

    Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post. Have a Blessed day! : )

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    • While we’re sorry to hear about your loss it is a blessing to know the Lord is providing and growing your family through this circumstance.

      May He use this for His glory, and use your family to bless all those who hear what He has done.
      Thank you for sharing!

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  2. We had an overly busy summer, which really took a toll on all of his. It was a great lesson. Don’t get me wrong we are still “busy” now but we are being much more purposeful on what we put on our list. Thank you for the reminder of the heart check. =)

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  3. I just had a moment of reminder (one of those little taps on the shoulder) to remember that everything I do needs to be directed by the Lord. Not because I think it should be done, not because someone else thinks it should be done, but because He said it needs to be done.

    I’m definitely in a season of activity, but I need to pay more attention to divine direction; if it’s not led by the Lord then it’s not needed now. A million ideas might be bouncing around in my head, but they might not all be for today. In fact, I’m about to step away from the computer for a quiet moment of redirection!

    One thing I think people should remember is that all things deserve your best effort. If you’re spread too thin no one & nothing will get the best you can give them. I hope people can keep that in mind when making all those To Do lists!

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  4. And no topic where God leads us to be, I live he will never bait us in the faulty counsel. I just had a minute of monitor (one of those small taps on the shoulder) to remember that everything I do needs to be directed by the Lord.


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