All I Want for Christmas is… (Part IX)

All_I_Want_For_Christmas_IsAs far as I’m concerned I don’t need a single present under the tree or even a piece of coal in my stocking. While both are appreciated, my soul is set on a few other goodies. Not necessarily things to be wrapped, but much-needed gifts. Join us during the month of December as we explore several blessings we’d love to receive this Christmas.


I did it again! I keep telling myself I am going to put an end to this nonsense, and yet here I find myself back in the same place. I’ve gotten a grand total of four hours sleep, and I’m now paying the price. The silliest wish for Christmas by far this year is a desire to get more sleep!

I always intend to go to bed earlier; really, I do. But by the time the kids are settled for the night I just want five minutes to breathe slowly and enjoy a chapter of the book which has been sitting on my shelf for days. Before I know it, one chapter has turned into ten and the clock is so blurry I can’t even tell how much trouble I’ve gotten myself into. Sleeping in is an option, I suppose. However I’ve always struggled with this. Daylight offers too many adventures, learning opportunities, and things to do. Who can sleep once the sun rises, encouraging me to embrace the day and make the most of each moment?

Ultimately it appears what I’m asking for is more time in my day to do the millions of things I’ve planned plus downtime for less active pursuits; then get a full night’s sleep so I can do it all over again the next day, and the day after that. – I did mention this was a silly request. – Silly because in truth I have all the time in the world I need. I simply choose to overfill my day. The lesson lies in seeking the Lord to oversee every second of every day so that each moment is overflowing with Him, especially in the stillness.

Perhaps it is because we have too few moments we appreciate them. If given all the time in the world, we would take them for granted and they would be wasted. By limiting our time we are forced to make the best use of our moments, giving precedence to Kingdom goals.

More sleep would be grand. Oh, it would. But the culmination of our Christmas list comes to this: May we use the time we have, the resources we’ve been given, the gifts of the Spirit, and the blessed relationships in our lives to further the Kingdom of Christ. If by sleep I can better accomplish this, I thank the Lord. And if by less pillow time I can meet a need, praise be to God who sustains us. May He be glorified today and always.

“I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.”
~ Psalm 3:5

Your Turn!: If you could either give up eating or sleeping in order to get more accomplished, which would you choose?

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