When The Kids Are Less Than Excited About School

when_the_kids_are_less_than_excited_about_schoolDo you ever have those days when you wake up well rested; ready to embrace the day? You’re popping at the seems to share some tidbit of learning with your kids you just know is going to have them doubling over with laughter or eagerly pouring over the activities you’ve planned. Then. Then, my friends. You wake the kids and they are not quite as excited about this learning day as you are. In fact, they are less than excited.

I love learning. Always have. I love teaching. I have since I was a child. Call me crazy, but there is something satisfying about creating lessons plans and seeing the bigger picture come together. It is a joy to see that spark ignite in another learner. But I can be honest. Despite what social media might present to you, not every day is a joy in The Homeschool Mom household. In fact, some days are downright hard. All those well-planned lessons? Somehow my kids don’t always see the joy in them or visualize that big picture I mentioned. They are out of sorts, and before true learning can take place we need to readjust some heartstrings.

From me to you, here is what God has shared with this mama thus far:

Pray – For them. For me. Pray together, for each other. For the situation. For His will to be done. First and foremost, or the rest is pointless.

Put Feelings Aside – My emotions tend to get the better of me. But if we’re going to get to the bottom of this situation, emotions are the last thing we need. Thus, how I feel has nothing to with it. This is about my child be righteous before God and us moving forward with His plan for our family.

Be Understanding – Not everyday is my favorite. I shouldn’t imagine it will be for my kids either. Instead of jumping down their throats, I want to extend grace and compassion. I get it. Mondays don’t rock for me either.

Be a Good Listener – Oh, this hard for me. I tend to want to fix it and move forward as quickly as possible, as if nothing happened. Yeah; that doesn’t always work. Scratch that. It usually never works. I need to listen, hear their heart and not just their words, and then we can make some decisions.

Determine Our Course – So we understand one another, now what? Unfortunately there is no easy, pat answer. Each situation might call for a different solution. I might rub their back for a few moments and tease them with all the fun things to come for the day. Other times might call for a bit of downtime after breakfast before they are ready to tackle learning. If the situation calls for it, back to bed might be best. In drastic situations, a complete change of venue livens up our day and we learn in the field. We allow the Lord to lead and set the course for our day.

Notice a Pattern? – I can understand one day being off course. Especially those pesky Mondays. But when Monday becomes Tuesday, which quickly turns into Wednesday and Thursday is no better? Then, my friends, we’re missing something. Is there a subject they are trying to avoid? Am I overloading them, or perhaps not challenging them enough? This might have nothing to with school at all, but a deeper issue which needs to be dealt with. I will not simply write this off as a “phase”, but instead focus on what is really at the heart of the problem. Only then will learning time return to the joy it once was, and true wisdom be gained.

In those moments when my kids are less than excited about their learning day, may I learn to be gracious, kind, and understanding. Better still, may I point them to the God of all wisdom who hearts their heart and best knows what they need. For without Him, learning has lost its meaning.

We might not be excited about today until we consider all God can do in us and through us in this short space of time. Who knows what possibility it holds? Only Him!

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”
~ Hebrews 4:15-16

Your Turn!: What are you excited about today?

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3 thoughts on “When The Kids Are Less Than Excited About School

  1. Thanks for this… it really spoke to me this morning as I was avoiding the school day. It totally could have been called “When Mom is Less Than Excited About School.” 🙂

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  2. Sometimes, I think it can be a lack of gratitude, forgetting the joys and concentrating on the fact of having to get out of the bed. Sometimes a good reminder is all that’s needed.
    For instance, if mine were being what I was sure might be lazy, I might holler NOT, “Time to get up already!” but rather, “You just missed the bus!” They’d still moan, but they would realize, “Hey, I’m not even dressed yet and those poor kids had to be ready when my alarm first went off! I could be them! It’s not so bad, here!”
    Sometimes the day would simply be joyless, blah, blue. Five inches or rain, here, yesterday, for instance. Then I might just start a rubber band war. It was participate-or-become-a-target, and that would get the silliness level up, the boredom might just flee, and the fact that Park Day was spoiled might become a softened disappointment.
    I did not always want to baby, coddle, or spoil them, though, so sometimes bit of impending doom seemed to help. Siblings having opportunities that begin at noon, rarely allowed special on TV at 4:00, or Dad’s sure return at 5:30 were some of my arsenal.
    And this is what excites me, without fail: that home schooling was always so magnificently adaptable to each student, that the “teacher” knew each student and loved each student completely; the joy and (in this sorry world) the privilege of keeping them with us, of not allowing them to be kidnapped daily, of taking God’s clay in my own hands and forming a lovely vessel for HIs glory. Oh, yeah!

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