The Blessing of Serving With Our Children

the_blessing_of_serving_with_our_childrenIt’s a fairly regular occurrence for my family to see me running off to serve in one ministry or another. More recently my children have volunteered their own time to the Lord in various ways. However, it isn’t often when I have the opportunity to serve alongside my children. This past month my girls and I had the blessing of working together with our local church, and the experience still ministers to my heart.

It’s VBS season in our neck of the woods. That means tons of volunteers are needed at our local church, and this year we girls decided to step up and help out. While I could have chosen where the girls would assist, I truly felt if this was going to be their gift to the Lord, they needed to have the freedom to choose where they wanted to serve and the Lord needed to direct their steps. And isn’t it funny? We all ended up serving with the youngest kids, being their group guides for the entire week. To add to the fun, the Lord arranged all of us within close proximity in seating arrangement.

To be sure there was much fun to be had. However, my favorite part of each day wasn’t the amazing activities we each experienced within our groups. The greatest joy came from seeing my girls’ hearts for the children under their care and the dedication in which they
served each day.

I learned so much during the course of that week. I was able to see first-hand how the Lord was working in and through my children. I caught a glimpse of their heart for God and His kingdom work. I was shown their ability to be responsible, dedicated, selfless, vbs_groupphotoscaring, gentle, kind, loving, and even firm when necessary. I watched as they adapted to each new circumstance, putting aside their shyness or fear to place these littles first. It was an amazing week.

There were people who advised against serving. It was suggested the mornings were too early; the days long; the children rowdy; the parking horrible. Perhaps so. What they didn’t mention was that in the light of all God did during the course of our week, none of that mattered. The Lord used that week to bless my Mom heart. It gave me peace to see our work as parents come to fruition, joy in their joy of serving, and hope for what God will continue to do in each of them. I wouldn’t trade that week for anything.

We were all a little disappointed our week had come to an end. It was definitely one of the best experiences of the year thus far. For all of us. As we drove out of the parking lot and prepared for a relaxing weekend, I tenderly asked whether they would consider doing this again next year. A resounding, “YES!” filled the car. My friends, it doesn’t get better than that.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
~1 Peter 4:10

Your Turn!: Even while our children are young there are plenty of opportunities to serve together. Share with us areas of ministry your family has chosen to focus on as a team!

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1 thought on “The Blessing of Serving With Our Children

  1. It occurred to me today before I read this post, that the amazing thing of having teenage Christian children, is that we will have the same desires and aims and hopes as them – God’s glory. So unlike what the world expects of the teenage years – where they go off in their own direction and desires, so different to their parents, usually. God is great!

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