Our Portfolios

In order to better keep track of my children’s hard work and progress, we created portfolios for storing tests and other important documents. Every year we create a fun cover for our portfolios and fill them with our favorite projects, important tests, and more!

For those interested, here is a breakdown of our portfolios and what’s included in each:


Reading List – A complete list of all the books each child has read over the course of this year. The kids fill this out themselves, at their leisure, as they finish each book. (I think our average is around 250 books, per child; give or take a few.)

Writing Assignments – Copies of all writing assignments are printed and kept here.

Language Arts – Spelling Tests, Grammar Tests, and Comprehension Tests

Arithmetic – Arithmetic Tests

History/Geography – Map work, drawings, time lines, and associated writing assignments

Science – Drawings, diagrams, associated writing assignments, and printable assignments

At the end of every year, our portfolios are carefully stored in filing boxes in our garage. Each of our kids has a box dedicated to their learning, which allow us to store mementos and samples of their work. We will keep these boxes until our children graduate, at which time the boxes become theirs.

đź””Time to Chime In: Do you keep portfolios for your children? We’d love to hear how you create your portfolios and what is stored in each!

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