For inquiring minds who wish to know, here is our 2019-2020 yearly schedule laid bare…

In the images above, our school year is highlighted in light pink. You’ll notice a few variations from a typical school year. First, our school year begins in July. Second, our year is broken up into six-week sections, each section followed by a week-long break.

You might also notice we have more than the standard 180 days worked into the schedule. This allows for more field trip opportunities and outings without the stress of ‘catching up’ on work lost or finishing those pesky workbooks. (Because I’m funny about stuff like that.)

Finally, you’ll notice our downtime is marked with rounded rectangles. Again, every six weeks we are resting and relaxing. Holiday breaks: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

We are extremely excited to continue putting this schedule to use. We find the frequent breaks beneficial, and I know I enjoy not having the extra planning of summer school nor the silly fear of ‘not finishing on time’.

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