7 Gifts Good & Perfect

7 GiftsAbout a year ago, I was perusing Amazon and came across the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I was touched by her gentle manner and her thoughtful insight. It seemed every word she spoke was poetic and meaningful. It didn’t take long to find her website, perusing all of the wisdom she had to share. While wandering her site, I noticed that she had a particular entry about 7 Gifts. This piqued by interest and had me taking a deeper look.

What I found was truly a treasure. 7 Gifts encourages each of us to take a look at the everyday and see it in a new light; to take the ordinary and see its beauty.

If the concept worked for us as adults, why not bring my children in on this unique idea? What better way to teach my children the beauty of everyday life?

7 Gifts Good & Perfect is now a part of our daily routine. Each of my children and I carry a copy with us. When we find something that inspires us, we write it down. During our Bible time, at the beginning of our homeschooling day, we take the time to review each other’s lists.

7 Gifts

It never ceases to amaze me what my children find good and perfect… The smell of their clean sheets, the feel of their pillow, the taste of fresh-baked bread; these things have become meaningful to their lives.

My list for today:

  • The sound of quiet
  • The feel of a warm breeze
  • The calmness of a slowly taken breath
  • The smell of a clean sweater
  • The knowledge that I am not alone
  • The taste of Mexican hot chocolate
  • The feeling of accomplishment, when my day is complete

This has become an important part of our homeschooling adventure. Seeing the wonder and splendor in even the littlest things. Thank you so much, Mrs. Voskamp, for this wonderful idea!

📢 Chime In!: What 7 Gifts have you discovered today?

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