Review: Captain Bayley’s Heir by Heirloom Audio Productions

Captain_Bayleys_Heir_ReviewThe past week found us on another long drive. What better way to enjoy the trip than another fantastic audio adventure! This time around we brought along Captain Bayley’s Heir by Heirloom Audio Productions, and we can’t wait to share this fun resource with you.

Heirloom Audio Productions is “passionate about bringing real history to life”. This is obvious by the great lengths they put into each production. Their vast audio collection includes such titles as Under Drake’s Flag, In Freedom’s Cause, With Lee in Virginia, and more. Our story, Captain Bayley’s Heir, follows eighteen-year-old Frank on his journey of discovering the grace of God.

After Frank is falsely accused of stealing and on the path to being expelled from his school, Frank flees to America in hopes of clearing his name. What follows is an exciting adventure exploring the American wild west and the hunt for gold. We encounter formidable storms, cowboys, indians, and experienced gunmen. We learn about the dangers of traveling cross-country and the lure of the California’s Gold Rush. Through Frank we experience the powerful grace of God as he struggles to prove himself and be reunited with those he loves.

We prefer listening to audio theatre in one sitting; interruptions are a bother. Thus, anotherCaptain_Bayley_Read day-trip gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy this wonderful audio drama. We were able to listen to the entire first disc on the drive to our venue – approximately an hour away – and the second on our return trip. On this outing, three of the kids and myself were along for the journey. We discussed both story and overall impression as we progressed through Captain Bayley’s Heir.

Having previously enjoyed In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions, we were excited to see what our newest adventure would bring. We recognized the familiar voices of Brian Blessed and John Rhys-Davies, with the included talents of Jade Williams, Ian Porter, Finty Williams, and David Shaw-Parker. Audio quality was superb. We can’t imagine this story being retold any better.

We found the character of Frank a little unusual. We are a little dumbfounded as to why he thought escaping to America would clear his name and prove himself noble, instead of sticking it out and standing by his innocence. This was a long point of discussion on our drive. In addition, we thought a definite ending would be given to our tale and were shocked to find our story didn’t finish as expected. Frank’s initial adventure wrapped up beautifully – he returns home to find himself exonerated and loved by family – and yet a back story regarding a love interest and friendship is left unresolved. As our narrator gently put it, “I will leave that to your imagination. For there are always more stories to be told, and more adventures to be had.” Interesting…

Captain_Bayley_CDAgain, in addition to the physical audio book, we were given access to “Live the Adventure Club“! As a member, we have access to the Adventure Library which contains bonus content for all purchased audio books. We could view Educational Treasures such as Adventure Study Guides, The Crash Course on the Constitution Lecture Series, and much more. We may view parent resources, kid activities, and the community forum. Our favorite features are the Rare Early American & World Curriculum, the Old Time Radio Vault, and The Day in Henty History.

By choosing the “My Library Feature”, we were able to not only listen to our audio drama via this alternative medium, but view bonus materials. Bonuses included an original Captain Bayley’s Heir e-book, the official soundtrack, a printable cast poster, an inspirational hymn poster, and more. One feature we enjoyed was the Study Guide & Discussion Starter.

The Study Guide gives a brief biography on G.A. Henty, then proceeds to break down the book by tracks from the audio discs. For each track, we were given “Listening Well” questions, “Thinking Further” queries, and “Defining Words” (vocabulary from our story). Throughout the Study Guide, we found “Expand Your Learning” panels which gave more background and depth to our tale. At the back of the Study Guide, we were given a list of resources for additional information on Victorian England and the American West. The best pages, in our opinion, were the “Bible Study” at the end of the guide. Using the “Bible Study” we can search God’s Word for truths discussed in the audio book and share these Biblical concepts with our children. For those who wish to break down the Study Guide & Discussion Starter into chapter portions, viewers may select “Start the Adventure” from the “My Library” feature and begin! Start the Adventure breaks down the Study Guide by chapter, including Read-Along Script, Chapter Quiz, Thinking Further Questions, and Defining Words sections.

Once again we were amazed by the quality to be found in this extraordinary adventure by Heirloom Audio productions. Captain Bayley’s Heir was a blessing to enjoy; one we look forward to visiting time-and-time again.

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