Playing With Our Food

Nothing says, “it’s back to school time” like a biology dissection. After our week of Easter break, it was time to get back into the swing of things. Starting off the week with a little fun didn’t hurt either.

My father-in-law has been keeping chickens for a few months now. It started out as a fun project to keep himself busy and quickly developed into something a bit bigger than he anticipated.

It seems he thought the chickens would grow a bit faster than they have been. They also seem to be eating quite a bit more than previously thought; they are picky about what they eat and are a great deal of work.

Because of these factors (and possibly a few more) my father-in-law has decided to call it quits and simply use the chickens he already has.

This past weekend, he thoughtfully asked if the kids would like a quick biology lesson. He thought he would cut open one of the chickens and teach them all about the inner workings of birds!

Dissection #1

Dissection #2

Yayo cutting up the bird.

Dissection #3

The stomach of the bird. Here we were able to see undigested food and the lining.

Dissection #4

The heart of the chicken.

Dissection #5

The liver and kidneys of the chicken.

Dissection #6

The backbone, ribs, and wings of the chicken.

The lesson was a lot of fun! Dad was very thorough in explaining all the different parts of the bird’s digestive system and bone structure. He answered their questions and teased them about eating the giblets as a snack.

The kids were a little squeamish at first, but they quickly got into the lesson and learned quite a bit.

Now we are back on track with our lessons, with five more weeks of school to go! It seems like the year just started and here we are, already preparing for summer.

Can anyone guess what we had for lunch? Delicious!