A Matter of Chocolate

Last week the kiddos and I attempted to conduct a science experiment in which we learned how to change a substance from one state of matter to another. I figured we might as well make it tasty as well; right?! So, we decided to experiment with chocolate! Yum! Unfortunately, our chocolate appeared to a bit old (heaven forbid) and the experiment was a flop.

Not to be put off, I bought more chocolate this week and we tried the experiment again, with much better results. In the mood for chocolate? Try this out….

Matter is expressed in one or more of these forms; Solid, Liquid or Gas.  The air around us, for example, is gas. Some matter can be changed from one state into another, like a solid to a liquid or a liquid to a gas.


1.  Gather a few rose leaves
2.  Wash the leaves and dry them carefully.
3.  Ask an adult to pour the hot water into the pan.
4.  Carefully place the bowl inside the pan (make sure that the water does not get in the bowl).
5.  Place some of the chocolate in the bowl (the heat from the water will melt the chocolate; it turns into a thick liquid).
6.  Have an adult remove the bowl of chocolate from the pan (with the pot holder) and place it on the table.
7.  Paint the chocolate onto the top of the leaves using the paintbrush

When the chocolate starts to cool, it turns back into a solid and takes on the shape of the leaves.  Peel away the real leaves to reveal the new chocolate leaves.

Easy, right? They turned out to be so beautiful and delicious! For more exciting (and tasty) experiments like this one, make sure to check out Kids Science Experiments.

Okay… now its time to eat some chocolate!