The King of Unit Studies

I homeschool four kids. Sure, I could spend hundreds each year on curriculum for each student, but why? I have better uses for my very limited funds and my children would rather spend time together, rather than apart and doing things from a workbook.

Outside of the three R’s (reading, writing, and reasoning), I have chosen to do unit studies to teach our children history, science, and more. In the past I have created my own unit studies, but I have found that I end up using more time creating them (as I tend to be very in-depth and want to do all kinds of projects) than I would have liked.

When our oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, I came across KONOS. This is probably the grand-daddy of all unit studies. There are three main volumes, if you buy the standard curriculum, each book lasts about two to two and a half years (depending on how you use it).

KONOS is based on a Christian worldview and each section is based on a Biblical character trait that we are trying to instill in our children. (For example: Obedience, Attentiveness, and Honor.) Each character trait incorporates smaller topics that will help you learn history, science, art, and more! While studying Obedience, you will learn about ancient kings and queens; knights; sheep; military history and heroes; horses; Bible; and friction/resistance.


KONOS even goes as far as to add vocabulary lessons, Bible, suggested books/videos, and more! They have kindly separated the ideas into age categories, helping you to further organize which activities might be best for your child’s age group.


KONOS is a very thorough program, with hands-on application. When we studied American Indians, not only did we study each tribe and map them out, but we also built a tepee and learned how make beaded necklaces. When we studied military history and heroes, we went to the park and dug trenches masked with camouflage. There is nothing quite like, literally, digging into your lessons.

We have used KONOS for seven years now and never had a moment’s regret. Each unit has been filled with exciting things to learn, with plenty of activities to choose from. We have learned so much and still have more to explore.

We have used all three of our KONOS books, but are planning to go through them yet again. With all of the varied topics, activities, and wisdom to be gotten; they truly have proven themselves to be the king of unit studies.