Dating Other People

TeaI try to make sure that I date my husband as often as possible, this keeps our marriage alive and kicking. I also try to date my kids, this helps us build our relationships. On occasion though, I like to date other people.

There is sanity in friendship and there are different ways to go about maintaining those relationships. We can talk on the phone, email, or even use Facebook and Twitter. However, I prefer to go out on a “date”. Sitting down, face to face, and enjoying the other person’s company.Coffee

I have had “dates” with all sorts of different friends and family members. Sometimes we sit and just have a cup of coffee; other times we plan an activity. It doesn’t matter the venue, as long as we are spending time together and having a good time.

I am always amazed at how much I learn from our time together. I learn not only about them, but about myself. I have grown tremendously because of the wisdom and life experiences that they have shared.

TeaTableSettingAs my children grow and develop their own friendships, I want to encourage them to do the same. Whenever possible, I try to arrange for them to have “dates” with their friends. We have done small tea parties, park days, and even excursions; opportunities for them to focus on their friendships.

One fun aspect of homeschooling is that we have a generous schedule, which allows us to accommodate other people’s time limits. There are dates that occur on weekends and just as many that happen during the week.

Unfortunately they can be few and far between, but we try to make them happen as often as possible. The important thing is that my children be taught to take time for relationships and not just responsibilities. That they remember people and not just things. Coffee

I am ashamed to say, the one person I probably haven’t gone on a date with, is my mother! Her schedule is more hectic than mine! However, she has expressed a desire. I think I need to give her a call, when she gets back from her latest trip, and make her set a date!

Do you ever “date” other people? What is one activity that you like to do together?