Review: Drive Thru History Adventures

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

-Dave Stotts

review_DTHAOne of the things you come to learn about Dave Stotts, host of Drive Thru History Adventures, is that he loves cheese! You will also discover his passion for history. The two come together perfectly in Drive Thru History Adventures, a unique online platform dedicated not only to teaching history itself, but instructing with a Biblical perspective. It has been a month-long adventure reviewing this incredible resource, learning more than we could have imagined. And the fun has just begun!

What is Drive Thru History Adventures? This amazing online platform contains a wealth of history curriculum and more, based on the popular Drive Thru History video series. Included in Drive Thru History Adventures are a helpful Dashboard updating us on features added to the website, Curriculum, Resources, Community, and Adventures TV. Curriculum covers three separate areas of learning: Bible History, American History, and Ancient DTHA_watchingHistory. Each study includes twelve to eighteen episodes. Each episode provides students with a video lesson, suggested readings, worksheets including answer guides, and more! Resources include: Articles, Expert Papers, and more! For those who are interested, “Community” offers an opportunity to join a private Facebook group where families can discuss lessons learned and all things history. Adventures TV gives complete access to all the incredible videos from Drive Thru History Adventures, all in one convenient location.

For the purpose of our review, our family was given full access to the website, and the ability to download the free Drive Thru History Adventures app! While Mom was incredibly excited to explore every and all features available on Drive Thru History Adventures, our organized plan included sharing this resource with our oldest daughter, a junior in high school who loves history, and our son, a fifth grade student. Our daughter worked through the American History series, with the goal of several episodes per week with all areas of study complete. I had intended to have our son focus on the Bible History series, but quickly discovered the series to be identical to “The Gospels” DVD set our family had the blessing of reviewing last year, with a few additional articles. Thus, we chose to have our son focus on the Ancient History series, viewing the videos and going over additional resources with Mom. Mom focused on reviewing the Bible History series, taking in the additional articles previously unavailable.

Each series has much to offer, and while we could gladly talk for hours about the multitude of benefits this online curriculum has to offer, perhaps we should just hit the highlights…

DTHA_GospelsBible History Adventures – Bible History covers the life of Jesus Christ, from the visitation of Mary and Joseph to Christ’s death and resurrection, with the inclusion of Scriptural readings. For viewers who wish to participate in this feature, Drive Thru History Adventures has also created “The Gospels” Viewing Plan which takes families through Bible History Adventures during the months of December through April, with several episodes aligning with holidays! Using this as a weekly devotion, families will additionally be able to read through the four gospels by the close of the adventure series. We will continue to review until the coming Easter season is complete, and enjoy the additional articles as they are made available.

DTHA_AmericaAmerican History Adventures  This series discusses The United States’ loss of faith with England and the founding of a new nation. This series was a wonderful visual in helping my daughter better remember important historical events, people, and places. Mr. Stotts does an incredible job of keeping episodes light-hearted, yet educational, helping students remain engaged and interested. In addition, suggested reading selections were lovely, and a wonderful resource. We completed this series fully, and enjoyed each step of the adventure.

DTHA_AncientAncient History Adventures – This series covers everything from the rise of Western Civilization to Constantine, and the best of the ancient world. These episodes are slightly longer than the other two series, but more detailed in regard to battles and structures than the other two. My son and I finished two-thirds of the series, and will continue lessons throughout the next few weeks in order to complete the adventure. Thus far, it has been great fun. 

Working through each series was a blessing. The videos themselves are engaging, and entertaining. We loved being able to see places Mr. Stotts was discussing, walking amongst some of the most incredible historical landmarks in the world. My favorite spot in the Bible History Adventures was definitely the Holy Sepulcher. Our favorite spot in the American History Adventures was Boston, and its incredible Freedom Trail. We loved learning about Colossus and the Olympics in Ancient History Adventures.


JAG, coloring a Drive Thru History Adventures color page.

Each episode, in all three series, included PDF worksheets students may download. These would be beneficial for parents who wish to use these as followup to the lessons. We discovered the questions in the PDF were also included within the lesson themselves and chose to forgo printing and written responses for verbal discussion, as this better fit our needs. The questions were easily answered, even for my fifth grade son, if students paid attention to the included video. Each episode included “Side Roads” and “Dig Deeper” articles to enhance lessons. Both of these were extremely valuable in gaining a bigger picture of each portion of history.

Outside of our Adventure History series, we enjoyed the additional features of Drive Thru History Adventures. Being a part of the Facebook Community page has been fun. We have the ability to share discoveries with other families, and hear the joy of their learning. Dave’s Mailbag is an opportunity to ask Mr. Stotts questions about his adventures, and history itself, and have him answer us personally! Adventures TV allows us to view all the videos from each series all in one handy location, with bonus video adventures such as “Behind the Scenes” and “Dave’s Adventures”, which teach us additional lessons on history. (Yes, there is even a video on the history of cheese!) We especially found Adventures TV to be handy when needing to review a particular video. Drive Thru History Adventures is also an app! All the videos on Adventures TV in one little app, making it easy to learn history when not at home.

DTHA_PatchesThis has been a month-long adventure in history study. We’ve been blessed to see some incredible places, learn of important historical figures, and gain a deeper understanding of the world God created. We were even blessed with receiving Drive Thru History Adventure patches and stickers! To say we’re overjoyed with both the website and what we’re learning would be an understatement. We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings, and discover new adventures with Drive Thru History Adventures and Mr. Dave Stotts.

If you’d like to learn more about Drive Thru History Adventures, please visit them at their website and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. But don’t wait too long! Right now, they are offering “The Gospels” DVD set to those who join with an annual membership. Drive Thru History Adventures is also offering 20% off annual subscriptions for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Two great deals!

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Review: Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”

Drive_Thru_HistoryIf you’re like us, you enjoy incorporating media in your learning day. When that same media helps us draw closer to the Lord and gives us a deeper understanding of the world He created, you know we’re jumping for joy. This past month, we had the opportunity to review Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” by Drive Thru History® and we’re incredibly excited to share this resource with you!

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” is a beautifully boxed DVD set which includes 3 DVD’s, with a total of 18 episodes, and an 118 page study guide. Throughout Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, our host, Dave Stotts, takes us on a tour of Israel showing us the footsteps of Christ and bringing Biblical history to life. Used in tandem with each episode, the included study guide will prompt further discussion with thoughtful questions and illustrations to spark the mind.

Rather than include Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” in our daily homeschool studies, we instead chose to incorporate the episodes into family time at the end of each day. Drive_Thru_SetSnacks in hand, we gathered around the television and watched an episode each evening, Monday through Friday during the course of the review.

Our immediate impression was of the care which was taken in creating such quality material. The boxed set itself was lovely. The study guide was clearly laid out, with brief questions even our youngest was encouraged to participate in answering. The episodes themselves were fantastic. Cinematically, the videos were incredible. The quality was beyond expectation and overflowing with professional graphics. Frankly, we’ve never seen a history series better made!

As our review took place around the time of Easter, Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” couldn’t have come at a better time. As we progressed through each episode, we were shown such incredible sites as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth. We saw the Church of the Nativity, the Herodium, the Sea of Galilee, and so much more. We followed the gospel message from before Christ’s birth to His resurrection.

Study_GuideOne fun aspect of Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” pertained to Dave Stott’s vehicle throughout the series! Lovingly named “Steve McQueen” by its actual owner, Dave Stotts showed the kids how to make Car-B-Que. We refuse to give away this little tidbit. Watch the series to find out what this is, and why you need to try it!

Our only regret in doing this review is that there were only 18 episodes. We would have gladly sat through several more hours of the series, taking in the beauty and majesty of the Gospel. Our consolation is that three other series exist – Drive Thru History® – “The Holy Land”, Drive Thru History® – “American History”, and Drive Thru History® – “Ancient History”. We’re also excited to discover another series is already in the works which will center on the book of Acts.

If you’d like to learn more about Drive Thru History®, along with Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, please visit them at their website. You can also find Drive Thru History®. on social media sites such as FacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

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