Ministering With Meals

Dinner TimeThis evening, the family and I have the privilege of serving dinner to another family in our homeschool PSP. It seems the mom needed to go in for surgery and is incapacitated for a few weeks. Desiring to lend a helping hand, each family in the PSP has volunteered to serve dinner to help them through.

Tonight is our night and we are excited to be helping out! We are blessed to have the opportunity to give back to our friends and to show how much they are appreciated.

I can’t help but think that this is a wonderful example for our children. The idea of looking out for other people’s needs and lending a hand.

I remember when I had each of our children and the ladies brought dinner. I don’t think I had to cook for over three weeks! These ladies blessed my family so mightily, I was blown away.

I want to make sure that someone else knows what that is like….

Does your homeschooling community help in times of need? How so?