To The ‘Cadets’ In My Charge

A letter to those whom I’ve been asked to train, disciple, and raise up. May you hear myTo_The_Cadets heart in this message and put into practice the wisdom you find here.

Dear Young Trainees,

I have been given a commission from our Commander to train you up in the way you should go. I am to disciple you, discipline you, and get you ready for what lies ahead. While we have already begun our basic training, I would like to take a few moments to remind you of several things.

We are ALL Soldiers

As I was reminded recently myself, let me remind you… you are still young and growing; do not expect perfection in your training. None-the-less, let me assure you, no matter the age, we are ALL called to be soldiers of Christ.

Daily we battle our flesh, the world, and the devil. We are to fight against those things which would prevent us from having a full relationship with our Commander, Christ. 

Let me also assure you that, while I am one of the drills in charge of your training, I too am still a work in progress. Unfortunately, my training started ‘on the job’. You did not come with a field guide, a manual, or a YouTube tutorial. I receive new instruction on a minute-by-minute basis from my Commander and am doing my best to be all that you need. 

The Battle is Real

While you are still under my protection, the battle which we fight is kept from being fully known to you. It is my responsibility to ensure you have a good foundation before you take on these bigger battles. Use your training time wisely and become well grounded before heading out into full-scale war.

However, I need to assure you there is a real battle going on. Our enemy is waging a war for your soul and of those around you. The enemy wishes to see you struggle, fall, and remain defeated. Do not listen to his lies, follow the narrow path which you have been called to walk. 

I’m Just Doing My Job

Training is not easy, I fully understand this. Who likes having to do KP, those thousand push-ups, or take pesky training exams? But, if you are going to be ready for life after basic training, you need all these things! 

Please understand when I hand out duties I am simply trying to do my job, which is to train up the next generation of drills and soldiers. I am following the commands given to me by the officer in charge and my Commander. I do not do this because I am trying to be mean, but because it’s necessary.

Insubordination is Unacceptable

A certain amount of craziness is to be expected on a daily basis. One thing which is never acceptable is insubordination; refusing to do what has been commanded. Again, I understand not everything being asked of you is fun, however this does not justify a lack of obedience. 

Remember, my instructions do not come from myself, but from those higher up. When you choose to disobey me, you disobey the officer in charge and our Commander. Make life easier on all of us… just do it!

Training is Everything

Once again, your training is of vital importance. You NEED to learn how to do these things put before you; your future welfare depends on it. The tasks being given to you are well thought out, important, and meant to be challenging so that you will grow in your independence. 

Before you are ready to move on, you must first have a firm foundation. You need to not only know WHAT you believe, but WHY you believe it. You must also understand how to put those beliefs into action. You need to be able to stand firm in your beliefs and defend them against the world and our enemy. 

We pray you have fun while moving through your training, but we also pray you take this seriously. We want you to enjoy your experience, but also put your heart, mind, and hand to the task. Do not waste a moment taking life for granted. We are never promised tomorrow.

I Do It Because I Love You

Remember, my little charges… I love you, truly. I do all I do because I love you and want you to succeed in the battles ahead. In those moments when the skirmish seems overwhelming, may our Commander remind you that you are loved, not only be me and the officer in charge, but also by the Commander Himself. 

While I tend to be firm and require respect, please note… I am also willing to accept hugs. There is nothing in our rule book which states a drill cannot either give or accept affection. Please feel free to approach and offer such demonstrations should you feel these actions might be warranted. It should also be noted that I, too, reserve the right to make similar demonstrations.

Always remember, we are here to help you. We love you and want you to succeed. Take your training seriously and give it your best. Remember for Whom we fight. May His name be glorified forever and ever.

In His Name,
Your Drill 

“I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery. I may never soar o’er the enemy. But, I’m in the Lord’s Army. Yes, sir!”

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To The Drill Sergeant Within

To_The_DrillTo the drill sergeant within my head, may you take these words to heart and put them into action.

Dear Drill,

With four little ‘cadets’ in your charge, you have a full routine of activities before you. Responsibility quickly fills your day, leaving little time for anything else. While I appreciate all you are doing and all the hard work you are putting into training up these little charges, there are a few things I wish to point out to you.

They’re Still In Training

It’s true, you have been given a huge responsibility; one which you are putting your full effort into. However, from time to time, it’s good to remind yourself these trainees are just children. They are going to stumble, fumble, and grumble on occasion. These little ones need not only strict training, but also lots of love. They need to know you are not only able to whip them into shape, but also able to be fun. They need to understand you desire respect, but offer grace. You are firm, but kind. You challenge, yet help. 

As they grow, they will need your daily assistance less and less. However, this does not mean your job will be over. Your job will move from drill to councilor. You will be expected to listen carefully, help them analyze their situations, and encourage them to move forward with confidence. 

Pick Your Battles

In your struggle to train these little people up wisely, you will come across many battles. It is key that you remember not all battles are going to be won and not all battles are yours to fight. Allow our great and powerful leader, Christ, to conquer where you are unable. Afford your charges opportunities to fight battles for themselves, gaining strength from their experiences. 

Stop beating yourself up over battles lost. Focus on the bigger picture, winning the war. 

Trust Your Leader

The Lord, Who called you to this, knows what He is doing. He has given you all you need to complete this mission. Never fear, He is constantly watching you; moment by moment. He is keeping tabs on the situation and is offering help constantly.

Put your faith in Him, knowing He will see you through; even those moments when dolling out thousands of push-ups seems the only answer. He understands your frustration, but He knows you can do this! 

Remember They’re Not Yours

While it might be tempting to think of these charges as your own, please remember they aren’t. Yes, they are in your care, but, in truth, they belong to our Commander. He has given them to you for a short time to help train, but they always have and always will belong to Him.

Train Them, But Love Them

You have been called to a unique mission. You are being asked to train, but to train out of love. Your training IS an act of love, to be sure, but, from time to time, they are also going to need physical affection; even those whose training is almost complete. Never forget to hug them, cuddle them, and show how much you care. A good drill knows there should be balance between being firm and being loving. 

Keep Up The Good Work

Finally, drill, I leave you with this. Do not give up! Your mission might seem frustrating at times. Often you might wonder if your job is really all that important. But, let me assure you, it is vital. What you are doing is of the utmost importance and you need to pursue till the end. Do not allow our enemy to deceive you into thinking you are worthless and of no value. 

One day these ‘cadets’ will be drills themselves. They will look back on this time and remember all you have taught them, putting to use all the skills you are so diligently training into them. May they see you struggle, but always rise again. May they see you move forward with confidence, kindness, and affection; knowing love is behind all you do. 

My dear drill, may the Father continue to give you strength and peace. May He fill you with His love to share with these little soldiers. May He constantly reaffirm His mission for your life, leaving you with no doubt that to this you were called.

Be Blessed,

No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.” II Timothy 2:4

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