Easter Fun: Books

CG_Easter_logoJoin us this week, as we explore memorable and edifying ways to celebrate Easter. We encourage you to take some of the ideas you find and make them your own. Feel free to share your thoughts on each of these projects and join in the fun!


Some people will tell you that coffee is the stuff of life. Personally, I think it’s books. Our home is filled to the brim, with more shuffling being done by the minute to fit more. Books are invaluable!

Naturally, this would mean that a large part of our Easter festivities include books. Each year, I usually try to snag a book or two add to our collection. I have specific guidelines for picking our books however; they need to be Biblically based. We aren’t telling stories about fuzzy chicks and bunny rabbits here. (Those aren’t bad necessarily, but I only have so much time and resource. We prefer to choose books that refer to the true meaning of Resurrection week.)

We thought it would be fun comparing notes on awesome Easter story books. We’ll share a few of our favorites and you guys share some of yours!

Easter BooksThe Bible – Yup! The first, and most important, book we read during Easter week is our Bible. The story couldn’t be told more concisely or more accurately than here. Always make this the first stop!

The Legend of the Easter Egg – In this story, two young children learn how an Easter egg tells the story of Christ’s death and resurrection. Great illustrations and charmingly told, this was a great addition to our collection.

The Parable of the Lily – A young lady mistakenly tosses out an ‘ugly root’, only to find that inside was the hidden beauty of an Easter lily. This story was a beautiful reminder of Christ’s death and resurrection.

The Easter Story – This one is pretty self-explanatory. In this book, we are given a summation of the true Easter story for little ears to understand and relate to. It was perfect for our children when they were preschoolers.

Easter Books #2

Hop – No; this is not the book a certain movie was based on. This is a unique creation, written by my oldest daughter! In Hop, the Easter bunny learns he is not the ‘reason for the season’! Hop learns what Easter truly stands for and comes to accept Christ and His amazing gift. (On a personal note: I am very proud of this little book! My daughter did a spectacular job with the illustrations and the heart of the story is very touching.)

Your turn! Chime in and share your favorite Easter stories with us. We always like picking up a good book!