Review: Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family

Review_Captain_AbsolutelyComics are all the rage in our home. From my husband’s work to classic Superman, we enjoy a good graphic novel. So it was with much anticipation we reviewed Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. Today, we’re excited to share this fun, educational, Biblical resource with you!

Captain Absolutely is a graphic novel which focuses on using a Biblical worldview to battle everyday challenges such as fear and guilt. In Captain Absolutely we meet our hero, Captain Absolutely, and learn how he gained his incredible power. We are taken through a series of subsequent events in which Captain Absolutely meets several villains – Dr. Relative, Cap’n Crastin, Fear Chemist, and more – who wish to ruin the town of Metropolitanville and take over the world. Captain Absolutely uses his knowledge of Scripture to fight each enemy, while kindly showing them the error of their ways.

Captain Absolutely is a full-color paperback graphic novel. The pages within are printed on glossy paper, in tune with traditional modern comics. The illustrations themselves are fun. The story is fast-paced and silly while faithfully teaching Biblical truths, complete with Scripture reference for each argument the Captain uses to defeat his foe.

As Captain Absolutely touches on important Biblical topics and discusses the gravity of truth, we handed our story to an expert both in the field of comics and apologetics… my husband. In addition, both our oldest daughter, our son, and myself read through the story.  This was not a required read for the kids, merely something we strategically placed in anReading_Captain_Absolutely advantageous position of the learning environment to encourage interest. The reading took approximately forty-five minutes for my son and husband to read through together; about twenty for me and my daughter individually.

We found Captain Absolutely functions under the assumption the Bible is true. We are presented with basic worldviews and how a Biblical worldview responds to each argument. This is not a philosophical defense of truth, but a sharing of Biblical wisdom. With that said, all of us enjoyed this graphic novel. My husband found it to be a good foundation for younger children learning Biblical truths. He recommended the story for children aged 8-12, but noted finishing the entire novel in one read might be a bit taxing. To fully absorb the concepts being presented and prevent fatigue, perhaps reading Captain Absolutely over a few days time might be of benefit. My daughter and I thought the stories to be quite silly, with many good points made for the reader to think on. Our son laughed continually through the reading; the storyline made for many good talking points and further truths to be shared. He thought the silliest “villains” were Edward Snooze – who fought Captain Absolutely with pillows – and Cap’n Crastin – who’s heartfelt desire was to be on television.

When passing comics to our children, we parents are continually on the lookout for appropriate content. Captain Absolutely met all of our requirements: It was clean, engaging to the mind, easy to follow, and as an added bonus, pointed our children to Christ. Our son learned a great deal through his reading, and this initial story has laid beautiful groundwork for future discussion of truth and Biblical wisdom.

If you’d like to learn more about Focus On The Family, as well as Captain Absolutely, please visit them at their website. You can also find Focus on The Family on social media sites such as FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

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Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

stepping_out_of_our_comfort_zonesI like my well-ordered life. I like to think I know my limits and just how far I can push them. There are certain activities I know I am capable of and willingly engage in. Then, there are others which I find myself thrust into; activities which are completely out of my comfort zone.

For some of us, being outside of our comfort zone is being in large crowds. For others it is public speaking. Once, the Lord asked me to abandon my comfort zone and speak at a local women’s conference. Talk about making a girl nervous!

How many of us went out of our comfort zone to homeschool? We dealt with personal fears and doubts, deviated from the normal path, and stepped out into unfamiliar territory. The first few steps were nerve-racking ones, but eventually we discovered we found our footing.

No matter where you comfort zone lies, let me encourage you to be willing to occasionally escape your comforts and allow the Lord to move.

Sometimes we are fearful of venturing into the unknown because we believe we lack the ability, talent, or knowledge to achieve in a new arena. What I’ve discovered over the years is that, for me, this is true! I do lack what it takes to achieve. What’s amazing is that while I am lacking, the Lord is always faithful. It is He who helps me to move past my discomfort and branch into new territory. When I do this, He is magnified and given glory; not because I am wonderful, but because He does wonderful things through the simplicity which is me.

As always, when we learn, our children learn right along with us! When we stepped out of our comfort zone to start homeschooling, our children experienced our faithfulness and were blessed. As we continue to follow the leading of the Lord, our children see the fruitfulness of our choices. As our babies grow into adults they will experience first hand a life well lived for the Lord and His ability to see us through anything, even those things which are outside our natural boundaries.

Funny thing… As the Lord begins to stretch us, we are learning, growing, and increasing in wisdom. What we thought we could not do, we now find ourselves succeeding in and achieving for His honor. He is helping us become more.

The Lord doesn’t need the most intelligent, the strongest, or the greatest; He only needs the willing. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and be used?

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”
~ Philippians 4:13

Your Turn!: Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone and been incredibly blessed? Share your story with us!

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Foolish Confidence

ConfidenceIt took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.  ~Sally Field.

Have you ever noticed that most quotes regarding confidence, focus on me (well, not me personally, but the universal me)? am going to rise above this. am better than this. No one is going to put me down.

Confidence seems to be a huge issue these days. People don’t have enough confidence in what they do. Kids don’t have enough confidence in who they are. The country doesn’t have confidence in the state of the economy.

I wonder if the reason that we have such a lack of confidence, is because we are putting our confidence in the wrong things.

From experience, I have found that the last person I want to have confidence in is me! I fail, I fall, and I make bad choices all the time. My brain fails me, my body is slowly getting older, and I have never been witty.

I am not responsible for the face that God gave me, why glory in it? I am not accountable for being born healthy and whole; why take credit for it? The knowledge that I do have, is not of my own making, but the gift that other people have instilled in me.

chickenconfidenceHere in America, especially, it seems that we favor the notion of self-confidence. Yet, if you look at the state of our nation, we have the highest failure rate in our schools. If we are so confident in what we are, why aren’t we performing better?

Again, I would argue that we are putting our confidence in the wrong place. Our confidence needs to lie in something other than us; it needs to lie in God.

When we have confidence in the Lord, we don’t have to rely on our own strength; his strength is enough (Phil. 4:13). When we have confidence in the Lord, we have no reason to fear; He is our helper (Heb. 13:6).

Confidence in the Lord promises reward (Heb. 10:35-36), it guides us (Prov. 3:6), and grants peace (Romans 15:13). There is nothing we cannot do through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Whether it is through our work, our homeschooling, our marriage, or just everyday life; we need to remember to have confidence. Not confidence that lies in ourselves but confidence in the one who will never fail. True confidence is in Christ and Christ alone.

Do you struggle with confidence issues? What reminds you of where your confidence lies?