Let the Games Begin!

Tonight our homeschool PSP had a game night. The girls got creamed, but we had a blast.

We played several different games. A new one I have never tried before is Blurt! Based on definitions and descriptions, the teams blurt out the word described.

I confess, although I like games like these, my brain does not process fast enough to get the words out of my mouth before someone else already says them. The fellas killed us on this game, five times in a row! Ouch!

It is good, clean fun though and it does help to expand my little brain. Perhaps I need to play these types of games more often so that my processor will increase in speed.

Blurt Blurt 2 Poker Apples to Apples Outside Play

My husband was gracious enough to take the little ones outside for bit, letting them run off excess energy and be ready to settle down for the night.

Now, we are back at home and it is time to crash.

Is there a board game that helps stretch your brain?

Game’s On!

One of the things we enjoy about our homeschool support group, is that it feels like family! Most support groups consist of just the younger kids and the mommies. Good luck getting high school kids to want to hang around and the dads are often not encouraged to participate. Not so, with our group!

Last night was our first game night of the year and it was a blast! We had games, fellowship, and loads of good desserts! The ladies took on the guys in a game of Guesstures and won!!

Battle PlansThe guys did a great job, but they were defeated by the ladies!

Showing Off

One of the dad’s showing us how it’s done!

It looks like this...

Our principal giving us some tips on how to play the game.

sWho Me?Some of the ladies enjoying some cake and fellowship!


The large stack of games, some of which got played and some of which didn’t.

So soft

The bonus round for me was receiving this awesome blanket! One of the ladies had made it and didn’t know what to do with it?! So, she gave it to me!

Ah… I will be loving on this blanket for quite a while.

Play Things

The bonus round for my kiddos was receiving a large bag of marble track. My husband is excited to spend part of this evening setting this up with our son and watching him have a blast!

Oooo… the hours of fun this bag is going to give! We can’t wait!

All together, the night was spectacular. We had a great time visiting with our friends and relaxing. We love getting together with these guys; it is always a good time!

Do you have game nights with your homeschool friends? What is your favorite game to play as a group?