Promotion Night 2013

Yesterday evening, our homeschool PSP put on our annual Promotion Night to celebrate the hard work and dedication of those involved in our group.

2nd Grade

My little mouse being promoted from 2nd grade.

4th Grade

My little lady being promoted from 4th grade

6th Grade

“T” being promoted to junior high.


Our three graduating seniors!

Pastor Speaking

Our pastor giving the graduation address


My little man, with some friends, graduating kindergarten.

We had three graduating seniors this year; it was a blessing being able to hear their speeches and those of their fathers. It was so much fun being a part of this special night.

I was especially proud of my youngest kiddos, who needed absolutely no assistance in walking on stage this year! They proudly walked like big kids and then quickly ran off!

Promotion Night was followed up with a celebratory dinner! We had some awesome Chinese and delicious desserts. What a great night!

(If you have never participated in putting together a large event, words cannot begin to express how much goes into such occasions. There are weeks of planning, lots of purchasing, tons of organizing, and hours upon hours of actual work that go into making these functions successful. I am truly thankful to all who helped us put together this event. We couldn’t have finished without you!)

Contrats to all those who have graduated this week and the weeks surrounding it. May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you. May you be faithful to hear his calling and obedient to carrying it out!