A Reason for Writing

(Wow, two posts in one day! I had thought to originally just post this review today, but felt the Lord compelling me to write Grace Abused as well. So, two it is.)

Besides reading, I also mentioned that writing is another of our core areas of study. I believe our children should know how to write properly on any given topic.

In order to set out on the right foot, I wanted to start off with a solid penmanship lesson; one that would not only teach them to write their letters, but help make their writing legible. A Reason for Handwriting did the job wonderfully. Each week, the children are given specific words from a Bible verse that they are to practice writing. At the end of the week, they write out the complete verse on a separate sheet of paper. The bonus was that you can also purchase Border Sheets to write your verses on. The Border Sheets are coloring pages with lines in the center. This way the children can write their verse and then color the corresponding image.

Once good penmanship was achieved, the children were also encouraged to practice good typing skills. Using FREE Typing Game, our children were able to practice their typing skills and learn to increase their speed. This will help them in higher levels of learning when they are writing papers.

Once the children started into elementary levels, it seemed appropriate to start them off on a formal Grammar and Composition curriculum. Abeka was the answer for us. Their curriculum is thorough, challenging, and well laid out.

On top of continued practice in penmanship, typing, and their usual grammar and composition lessons, we also like to make sure they are getting good practice in creative writing. To do this, a weekly creative writing assignment is given. Common everyday topics are all tossed in a bowl, one is picked every Monday, and on Friday the assignment is due. Through this exercise our children have learned to think outside the box and reach the audience through their paper. At times, my husband and I have gotten in on the fun and written a paper ourselves.

Good writing skills should never be overlooked. You never know where the Lord is going to use you. When you look at life through that perspective, you realize… there is a reason for writing.c