Today we went to a retirement party for one of my husband’s tias (aunts). We had a great time visiting with everyone and enjoying some awesome food. There is nothing quite like a big family get together.

While the retirement party was fun, I couldn’t help but wonder what retirement means for a family like mine. My husband is a self-employed illustrator and I homeschool. While both of these have potential for “retirement”, I just don’t see it happening for either of us.

For me in particular, I began to wonder what I will be doing once I am no longer teaching my own kids. Yeah, I could just say, “job well done” and then enjoy a life of leisure. Somehow I just don’t see that as the path the Lord has laid before me. Education is in my blood. I love learning, I love sharing what I have learned, and I love keeping busy.

I think that, at some capacity, I will always be involved in the world of education. If my children are willing, I would love to help out teaching various little things to their children. If I have the ability to go back to school, I might even get a formal degree and start teaching at our church’s private school. I even think I might like to continue leading, or at least helping, with the Keepers at Home group through our church.

No matter where the Lord plans to use me when I am done teaching my own kids, retirement just isn’t in me. My retirement will be when I am done and gone; when I am able to enjoy heaven and the things to be learned there. Then, I will be the one getting educated and there will be nothing more for me to teach.