An Outreach Program

As homeschoolers in the 21st century, we have a unique opportunity. An opening to not only educate our own children, but to use that education as an outreach to others.

I don’t think this concept became fully actualized to me until I was literally stopped in a store and commended for my wonderful children. (Seriously, me?) This woman went on and on about how well-behaved they were and how she was impressed with their demeanor. “You must be doing something right!” was her final comment.

Since then, I have been stopped on several occasions (both for good and bad reasons). It never ceases to amaze how much of an impact just living can be, without words ever leaving our mouths. Each time we have had the opportunity to speak with someone, it furthers the outreach of homeschooling.

Knowing this is often the case and wanting to present a wholesome view of homeschooling, the kiddos and I usually have a mantra we repeat on every outing.

An Outreach Program

See? (blush) Only at the park, guys!

Mom – “Who do we represent?”
Kids – “Christ!”
Mom – “What do we represent?”
Kids – “Homeschooling!”
Mom – “So….”
Kids – “No fighting, fussing, or anything else too crazy!”
Mom – “Thank you!”

(laughing) While this isn’t fool-proof and I would expect my children to be good all the time, it is a helpful reminder to all of us that we are constantly being watched and should be mindful of this.

There are so many ways and places our homeschooling can be an outreach to the world. My hope is that we take every opportunity share the heart of homeschooling. I would also hope we continue to fight for those who have yet to obtain that right themselves.

How does your family use homeschooling as an outreach?

The Ministry of Homeschooling

Field TripDid you know that when you are teaching and homeschooling your children, you are ministering? Yup, that’s right! You are serving the Lord through being their educator and parent.

While we love and enjoy our “home” ministry to our children, my husband and I also minister to them through our homeschool support group. We look for ways that we can make their field trips, co-ops, game nights, and any other events more enjoyable.

Today was our first homeschool meeting of the year and we had a blast! We had an opportunity to meet the new families joining in and encourage them. We were able to discuss the coming year and lay down some plans for future events. Me

My husband volunteers as photographer for the group, so student and faculty ID shots were taken today; getting the year started off right. I volunteer by handling the newsletter, yearbook, and T-Shirt orders. It looks to be a very busy, but rewarding, year!

It has been a blessing serving in the ministry of our homeschool group. We love the fellowship and the fun. Sometimes it seems they are as much family as, well, family!

Do you have a PSP that you are a part of? What part of homeschool ministry are you involved in?