A Valuable Lesson… for Mommy

CoffeeI learned a very valuable, personal lesson today. I thought I could control it, I thought I had a handle on things; I now know I was deceiving myself!! I CANNOT drink coffee! (laughing)

The day started out a little crazy, but we soon got things on the ball and headed out the door to a birthday party. To make things more fun, the party was at the beach! Hooray! The party was for a very special little girl, one of the most adorable little ladies I have the pleasure of knowing.

Pizza, drinks, and cake under our belt, we headed into the great outdoors and enjoyed some playtime in the sun and sand. There was a huge swell hitting the shore all the way up from New Zealand and the waves were truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, this meant the kiddos didn’t get much swimming in, but they got their feet wet and had lots of fun.

Having run out of meter money and wanting to hit the road before it got too late, we tossed the munchkins into our SUV and hit the road.

Now, this is where the important lesson began….

My hubby was extremely tired (having run around with me for two days), so I was doing the driving. I have never driven home from the beach before so I was a little nervous about getting myself lost.

I did okay for the first little bit, but when I got confused about a particular freeway interchange, I asked the man’s opinion and went with his advice. Well, it turns out he was so tired he heard me wrong and I got onto the wrong freeway. Still no trouble yet….

We laughed about it, he teased me about it, and we decided we ought to turn around. This is when things started to get funny (well, not really).

During this whole mix-up, I had been taking swigs of my husband’s coffee to parch my thirst and wasn’t paying attention to how much I had drunk.

After turning around and getting back on track, we suddenly hit a wall of traffic which ended up taking us three and a half hours to get through!!! By the time we were less than halfway home, the coffee hit my nervous system and sent me into overload.

It felt like someone had electrified my entire body and everything was beginning to irritate me. The air conditioner bothered my skin, the sun was too hot, and to top it off, the kids started to get antsy.

My poor little kids, who were tired and hungry, were ready to get out of the car and stretch their legs. Being boxed in a canyon, there was no way out and no way to move.

We did finally make it home; thank goodness! The minute we pulled into the driveway, I jumped from the car and went to water my roses in peace. Thankfully my awesome husband got everyone inside and let me have a moment to breathe.

After getting some fresh air, peace and quiet, and a shower, I am almost back to normal. Perhaps eating a little and diluting my blood system will put things back on an even keel.

After all this madness I learned two valuable lessons… 1) NEVER drink caffeinated coffee again; I mean NEVER! and 2) It might be best to hit the beach earlier in the day, so as not to sit in traffic. (laughing)

What does help when your system gets overloaded with caffeine? Ideas?

There’s No Place Like Home

The GangSince having our second daughter, my husband has worked at home. We have grown accustomed to his unusual work hours, his popping in during lessons, and the occasional “let’s take the day off” mentality.

Recently, though, things have changed. Working from home isn’t quite as lucrative as it used to be (even then things were a little slim) and so he has had to find outside work.

Thankfully he has found work with a great friend, whom he gets along with very well. It isn’t in his usual field of expertise (which is art), but he enjoys hanging out with his buddy.

Unfortunately it does mean that he no longer works here though. With this job, he works all over the place and works a different schedule almost every week.

We have been doing pretty well adjusting to the change in our lives, but this week proved to be a little more challenging. This week they were gone for several days, handling business out-of-town.

I think this short time away from each other opened our eyes to how much he is needed. The kids are not quite themselves and keep asking when he will be back. My son especially keeps asking when Pop will come home to put him to bed.

I think what I missed the most was simply knowing he was here. If an emergency came up or a quick errand had to be run, it was all on me. There was no convenient baby sitter, strong back, or sharp mind for me to run to; I was it for the week.

After several days, the man is finally returning home! Hooray! I wanted to make sure that everything was set to rights and we would be free to simply enjoy his company, so today we did things a little differently.

After a good breakfast, the kids settled in to get their homeschooling done. It took us a little bit, but knowing Pop was coming home helped them to hustle along just a little.

We normally do our grocery shopping on Thursdays, so we decided that we would cut out electives for the day and instead get the shopping done early. We grabbed a quick bite, ran through our errands, and made it home.

The kids and I got the house cleaned up, the groceries put away, and ourselves to rights. Not only did we make it on time, but we actually have a few minutes to spare!

Working together was great and it taught them a valuable lesson (which was just as important as those electives we skipped); the merit in relationship.

Sure, we could have kept to our regular routine and possible not been home when my husband arrived, but that would have seemed wrong. I could have been home, but not filled our house with good food, but that didn’t seem right either.

I believe that a better lesson was taught today, the value of preparing our home and anticipating the return of Dad. I wanted them to see how important it was to be prepared and anxious for his return.

Now, the kids are checking the clock and keeping an eye on the door. I am making sure nothing is too out-of-place and no responsibilities will interfere with our evening.

It will be great having him back… It’s not quite the same without him.