The Last-Minute Rush

The end of the week is here and we are ready to tackle our two final projects before starting school… printing and library!

Imagine waking up to start school; everyone is at the table ready to go. You pull out your books, ready to begin. You pray, you open up your Bible, and then… you remember that you forgot to print out the lesson you prepared! Rrrrrr….

In order to avoid this annoyance, I make sure to set aside at least a half an hour every Friday to do nothing but print any documents that I might need for school in the coming week. This will save from last-minute rushing on Monday morning and afford me the opportunity to double-check anything that might be needed.

As we are starting on Monday, this morning I made sure to do just that. Any worksheets for Spanish, Bible, and our unit study are now ready to go. I have proofread them one last time, printed them, and tucked them into their corresponding books. Come Monday, I can relax; knowing that I am as fully prepared as I can be. 

Our other project is library time! Every Friday, I make sure we head to the library and get ourselves a stack of new books. The kids are allowed to pick their own reading materials and I have the opportunity to grab literature that pertains to our current unit study.

When we are at the library, I have made it clear that books are our goal. Our library features an activity booth and computer terminals, but that is not our purpose in being there. We have computers at home. We have games and activities at home, we can play when we return. Now, is the chance for them to delve into some good reads; the rest can wait. (Every once in a while, I do let them play at the activity booth but only after they have picked some good books first.)

Today is no exception! We are ready to head out to our library, grab some awesome reads, and then perhaps enjoy some ice cream. I can’t think of a better way to prepare for the coming year!

Off we go….


First we trust….

Today, we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon swimming at a friend’s house. We packed up our stuff, grabbed some watermelon, and headed out for some fun.

When the kids were ready to jump in the pool, I noticed that my son was very hesitant to get in. My friend assured him that the pool was only deep enough to cover the lower half of his body, but still he insisted on taking his time. After a few minutes, he asked if he could use his floaties. I assured him they weren’t needed but when it appeared he wasn’t going to get in the water without them, on they went. Once he got in the water (accidentally slipping in), he realized that what we had said was indeed true! I asked if he wanted to take off the floaties now that he realized he was safe, but on they stayed. My son is still learning a hard lesson, to trust and then to try.

On the way home, it got me thinking… aren’t we like that sometimes? The Lord will guide in a particular direction, even one we might very much enjoy, and we hesitate. We test the waters to see if we really want to get in. We look for outside help to keep us safe, even when we are told there is no danger. We put our faith in temporal things, when our Father is there and has protected us from harm. When we finally step in, we realize that there was never any real danger; we were safe from the beginning. Yet, even though we are safe, we still want to cling to that little thing that makes us feel secure. 

I wonder if God ever sighs, wondering when we will trust. Does it hurt when we question our safety and His ability to protect us? Does He calmly, gently, and perhaps sadly, shake his head; hoping we will learn to believe all He says?

Today was indeed a fun day, but it also taught me a lesson. I must learn to trust God and act on what I am being told. I must trust and then try.

The Reading Lesson

Early on, I knew that I needed to find just the right reading lesson for my kiddos. Sure, I could have just sat down with a book and began to teach them; I am sure it works for a lot of people. That just wasn’t the route I thought would be best for my family, especially not after I came across The Reading Lesson.

I  found The Reading Lesson while my oldest daughter was still in her toddler years. Not one to buy something without seeing it, I was very impressed that the company allows you to download the first two lessons for free! These lessons allowed me to try the method out on my girl and see how she took to the program.

I quickly downloaded lesson one and within two months, had it completed. (Two months may seem like quite a while, but please remember, I started teaching my child to read at three years old. So, two months isn’t really that bad.) After completing lesson one, I downloaded lesson two, which also took about two months to finish.

Completely happy and excited about The Reading Lesson, I finally went out and bought the book. I noticed that with each lesson, my daughter was picking up reading faster and faster. By the time we got towards the end of the book, she could complete an entire lesson in a day. She was fully reading, on her own with no help, by the age of 5.

When my oldest girl was completely done and reading on her own, my second daughter was ready to start her own studies. I am very happy to say that I have used The Reading Lesson for all four of my children and found that it worked for each of them. They enjoyed the lessons, I enjoyed their progress, and we were all pretty happy.

Once the kids learned to read, we were off and running. We immediately started them off with The Chronicles of Narnia. They enjoyed those so much, we went ahead with Little House on the Prairie and others.

Our little ones have already read thousands of books and have many more great ones to go. I have never regretted teaching them to read at such a young age. It made our schooling years so much easier and opened up a vast world of literature previously unexplored.