I Love It!

Pop and SonHave you ever noticed that kids sometimes have a habit of using the words “like” and “love” interchangeably?

I want my children to very clearly distinguish between what is worthy of love and what is not. I also want them to be careful about throwing around the usage of “love”, like it is an interchangeable phrase with “like”.

 For instance, my kids received items for Christmas and upon opening them exclaimed, “I Love It!” While I appreciate the fact that my children really did enjoy the blessings put before them, it was a good occasion to remind them of  one very important fact….

We don’t “love” things, we “love” people!

It is okay to really like something, in fact we enjoy seeing them appreciate the blessings around them. However, loving things is not something we recommend.

Loving something means having a deep attachment or affection. Expressing “love” for something ought to be reserved for those things of greatest importance. “Love” should be about relationship, not about a tangible thing you can hold in your hand.

If we continue to use the word “love” for everyday use (I “love” pizza; I “love” my car), then when does the word “love” have real significance?

I believe that we should reserve the word “love” for those who have meaning in our lives. It shows them how truly important they are to us and the attachment we feel towards our relationship.

I “love” my God, my family and my friends. I “like” pizza, ice cream, and chocolate. (Okay, maybe I “really like” chocolate.)

How do you feel about the word “love”?