Mail Call!

Getting StartedMail remains a critical morale booster for military personnel, but did you know it has the same effect on kids? Children are often overlooked in postal exchange, so when envelopes bearing their name suddenly appear… their eyes light up like Christmas!

If we planned to do this right (which, being OCD, wasn’t an option), we were going to be sending “mail” to each other all the time. It just didn’t seem right to leave mail for other people lying around the house or on the end of the beds. No, we needed mailboxes. Dante’s Wardrobe had some great ideas; so using the their inspiration, we got busy!Boy Painting

My first thought was to purchase mailboxes at the local hardware store, nothing large but something that would be more formal and would hang on a wall as decor perhaps? Seeing as our budget is very thin; that wasn’t an option. My husband and I put our heads together and finally came up with a creative solution.

Showing OffOn a recent trip to the grocery store, I made sure to purchase a few boxes of snack items (which could be used for future field trips) and we got to work. We cut the boxes to have an opening on the top and then began to decorate.

Some of us chose decorative paper, some paint; either way we had loads of fun. Once we had the basics down, we spent some time adding details; we used flowers, brads, beads, buttons, and more!Picking Paper

The end results were very unique to our characters, which was a fun change from my more formal ideas. We admired each other’s work and then set about finding a place to hang them. We finally decided on the inside of our homeschool closet. It is an easy place for the kids to access, but isn’t going to take up our limited space.

MailboxesWe’re almost ready but we had one more step to go before school was ready to begin…

Do your children get mail very often? What are some neat things they have received?